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  1. billydanze

    What are good pre-paid credit cards ? any advice?

    Hey, due to the nature of my business, and the customer base, I will be taking payments in GBP, and I need to be able to pay to subcontractors via a pre-paid credit card. I don't want to have it linked to my business if possible. Do you guys know what would my best option? What would you recommend?
  2. EliasIT

    Get Offshore Bank Accounts With Credit Cards

    I read here Get Offshore Bank Accounts With Credit Cards | GlobalBanks and found some interesting information there about offshore bank accounts and credit cards, BUT, this is very old news and it looks like a portal which only purpose is to attract people to enter their details. Could it be a...
  3. G

    Question Advcash deposit verification - credit & debit cards

    Hi all, hope you're doing great on your activities. Basically the title. Do you know what does it consist of their verification procedure when it comes to deposits via debit & credit cards? They offer a vague description that only mentions that I need to have a smartphone and my credit card to...
  4. Z

    Credit card processors accounts with fake documents (Saas website)

    Hi everyone, I'm a web developer and I want to process credit card transactions on my new project, it is a SaaS website so users can subscribe to monthly or yearly plans to use the service, this problem is Stripe rejected the website (due to high risk business) but I see competitors (with the...
  5. R

    Can anyone recommend a credit card processor for a digital marketing firm based in Georgia?

    That's Georgia the country not the state. Having a hell of a time finding one that works. Local banks say they won't issue merchant accounts for "services", probably not true but I cannot get past their idiot departments. I really don't want to use PayPal for many reasons although it works...
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