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Question Advcash deposit verification - credit & debit cards

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Hi all, hope you're doing great on your activities.

Basically the title. Do you know what does it consist of their verification procedure when it comes to deposits via debit & credit cards? They offer a vague description that only mentions that I need to have a smartphone and my credit card to take pictures, the only way to find out is after continuing with checkout, but honestly, I don't want to take pictures of my card's front and back sides.

Switchere requested me that in the past and I didn't comply with the request, I said no immediately. Those type of verifications are a no no for me, considering that they might sell my info to third parties or suffer a data breach that will give away sensitive information available for fraudster. Or is this type of verification the new thing?



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If your account is legit, yours, then it's hard to understand your concern.

You are not ok with taking a pic with a card, yet you want to use same card and provide them with all its details anyway.

If it's fraud you are afraid off, then why not to use a special card for it or a selection of them?

Also, unless it's a proper bank, it's hard to trust it, but maybe asking a question like, who has more to loose could help?

It's next to impossible to do anything without accepting some kind of risk.

If your account or your card is dark, then either look at other options or try in the mentor group.

Good luck.
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