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  1. R

    Advcash crypto to fiat

    Hello I have 36k usd of BTC , how i can change to fiat without been reported to tax authorities? Advcash is a good option? I saw they have a card? Are they CRS reporting?
  2. W

    How risky is that setup?

    Hello. That's my first post. I'm fascinated by the info here and I'm willing to pay for the gold membership, but I was wondering if I could get some initial enlightenment. How risky is a setup where: You get paid by a company in the U.S though Bitwage, set to receive 100% in BTC. When you...
  3. erni

    Some tried CEX.IO they are supported by AdvCash!

    I wonder if anyone has tried to use the exchange: https://cex.io/buysell Wonder how much one is able to buy using a credit card for their fill up? Someone know which credit card provider they are using? I mean, merchant account / payment gateway?
  4. M

    AdvCash doesn't provide personal IBAN ?

    Hi, I was browsing through forum for many hours reading about advcash and I see peopl stating complately different things.. Like someone say I can receive easly normal sepa bank transfer from 3rd party partners and there can be name mismatch as they dont really verify it, and some say no - its...
  5. O

    Advcash and Paypal

    Hello guys, is it possible to deposit money from PP directly to Advcash?
  6. lory

    Kraken or AdvCash - exchange crypto to fiat?

    What is your take on this which of the two EMI's / Exchange services do you prefer if you can only choose between these?
  7. G

    Question Advcash deposit verification - credit & debit cards

    Hi all, hope you're doing great on your activities. Basically the title. Do you know what does it consist of their verification procedure when it comes to deposits via debit & credit cards? They offer a vague description that only mentions that I need to have a smartphone and my credit card to...
  8. TRX

    AdvCash offer loading MasterCard and Visa!

    I wonder why no one is using the method AdvCash offers to withdraw your money from your account directly to your current MasterCard or Visa card? I know it is not cheap, but for people that have trouble using SEPA or other bank transfer methods it is a solution or not?
  9. TRX

    AdvCash linked with Binance to buy and sell crypto!! WOW!!

    I logged into my AdvCash account for a few minutes ago and just saw the exiting news below: It's awesome news now we can buy and sell Crypto's like Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Monero etc. directly using the AdvCash account and it's balance. It makes it even a better wallet than before. If you have read...
  10. happyjohn

    AdvCash SEPA transfer how long?

    Someone know how long it take AdvCash to process SEPA transfers? The icon shows "In progress" for the status!
  11. TRX

    AdvCash - Visa International disabled again!

    does someone know for how long AdvCash has had disabled withdrawal to international visa and MC cards?
  12. G

    What is your deposit method of AdvCash?

    Advcash does not have a video verification process and is easy to open, but deposit is very limited unless you connect it with your bank / card. I have several advcash accounts, but I don't use it. What are you usually using?
  13. extremedox101

    Wave Crest shut advcash cards

    Unfortunately we have to let you know that Wave Crest, our current card solution provider, is unilaterally shutting down our card program. New virtual and plastic cards are no longer issued to any users whether or not they are EEA/SEPA area residents. . they promise another card issuer
  14. blip

    wire transfer -> AdvCash -> bitcoin, what am I missing?

    Hello, I have money wired into AdvCash account. I want to buy bitcoins and then have them transferred to an arbitrary btc address (outside of Advcash). I feel I'm missing something fundamentally on how to buy and transfer bitcoins from within AdvCash. 1. Do I have to use an exchange like...
  15. C

    ADVcash balance limit question

    Hello, I just signed up for the ADVcash account and ordered the plastic debit card. I know that there are limits on the debit card if you are unverified. How about the account balance? If I do not verify my account can I still have a high balance and send and recieve? Also is ADVcash wallet to...
  16. bountymounty

    Offshore corp with EMI account still good?

    What you guys think! With all the discussions going on here and about darks, offshore company, offshore banking and EMI accounts I was wondering what the preferred setup is for most of you guys? What is it you are going for EMI, offshore accounts, what jurisdiction for company?
  17. A

    How do movie streaming websites withdraw money?

    Hello OffshoreCorpTalk community, I read many posts about cashing out web earnings. I saw methods saying that I need Cyprus accounts, companies, Belize companies, 2co, paypal, payoneer etc. However, I could not be sure, as I could not find anything specifically about movie streaming websites...
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