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  1. kriyazen

    EMI for an UEA FZ LLC

    Does any of you friendly people know of any EMI that excepts UAE FZ LLC and preferably issues debit cards in Euro? In a nutshell, I'm looking for a Wise Boadersless Business or Revolut Business copycat where I could hold and transact in multiple currencies. Thank you!
  2. TimeAttack

    Question Crypto-reloadable debit cards - What are my options?

    Hi guys I'm new here. I own a large stash of BitCoin but have no bank accounts. I have pretty much been paying off everything with Bitcoin. To get by with all the services that need cards and paypals for payment I ask my friend (EU-based) to use his PP and I send him my crypto, he emails me...
  3. Mulan

    Crypto friendly PSP with a debit card

    Hi all, I am looking for a PSP somehwere where crypto to fiat conversion will be possible and accepts at least EU nationals for personal accounts. US too, if possible. It is also important that this Payment service allows them to get a debit card... Any card.
  4. D

    Transferwise business account debit card or virtual debit card not available in the US

    I have recently opened a Transferwise business account for my US company, but unfortunately at the moment they can't provide debit card or even a virtual debit card. Is anyone else dealing with this issue? How are you paying business expenses without a debit card? The only option seems to be a...
  5. lavel

    Signed up with how to get the debit card?

    I signed up for and choose the low budget card "blue card" but it still show pending, do I have to load my account with some money before they send the debit card?
  6. R

    Question Bank account/Prepaid card/Whatever for sanctioned country citizen

    Hey guys! I'm new here, and I've been doing a lot of reading in some posts, so here's my situation: I'm a Cuban software developer, and I've been working online for quite a while now, as an individual contractor. It has been impossible for me to find any service that would allow me to open a...
  7. Admin

    Everything You Need To Know About Virtual & Prepaid Cards

    No name association, no ID required and no passport, but 100% legal – this is what you want from a fully anonymous credit card. You want to be able to use it anytime, anywhere, but you do not want to be traced. Sure, this is not really a necessity when you take your family on holiday, but there...
  8. orangeye

    Someone tried this debit card VCC provider?

    I want to know if some has tried this VCC / debit card provider buy extra card kyc free for online shoping | онлайн карта для покупок в интернете They offer 3 cards and 1 for free, it sounds to good to be real, but we have seen more and more of these lately. What would be the reason to...
  9. G

    Question Advcash deposit verification - credit & debit cards

    Hi all, hope you're doing great on your activities. Basically the title. Do you know what does it consist of their verification procedure when it comes to deposits via debit & credit cards? They offer a vague description that only mentions that I need to have a smartphone and my credit card to...
  10. allthewayup

    Crypto Exchange & Virtual Bank for Colombia?

    What exchange is good to use for Colombian residents? Or also a virtual Bank account that i can use a Bank card thank you in advance
  11. fuorissimo

    Offshore and bank account, to sell crypto: help me

    Hi everyone, I live in Europe. I have about $ 1 million in Litecoin, which I bought in 2014, and I don't want to get caught by the tax authorities. Initially I decided to use this scheme: (1) BVI + NOMINEE DIRECTOR (and POA)> EPB bank account> debit card I would sell the Litecoins through...
  12. W

    Debit/prepaid cards for NON-EEA residents

    Which are the best debit / prepaid cards to withdraw money for NON-EEA residents?
  13. therealmarv

    Easy Virtual Debit Cards with 3D Secure anywhere?

    Hi, I want to buy something with a virtual debit card (USD) which I can dispose or at least block afterwards easily. My hope was entropay but I've found out they do not support 3D Secure. Any other easy setupable virtual debit card with 3D Secure out there? I know there is advcash but they...
  14. V

    Best offshore setup for cashing out Bitcoin and crypto?

    Hello all, New here and to the offshore corporation world, and impressed so far by what I'm discovering. I have cryptocurrency funds that I can't cash out in my EU country due to unbelievably high taxes. However I do not want to settle in some tax haven for now. Is the following setup...
  15. S

    Wanted - banking solution

    I have some clients who have been using LeuPay and they have lowered new account limits recently. I am looking for somewhere that has iban debit card With higher limits for payments on card (pos payments) and higher transfer limits. Any suggestions?
  16. C

    ADVcash balance limit question

    Hello, I just signed up for the ADVcash account and ordered the plastic debit card. I know that there are limits on the debit card if you are unverified. How about the account balance? If I do not verify my account can I still have a high balance and send and recieve? Also is ADVcash wallet to...
  17. S

    GBP - Debit/Prepaid Card

    Hello guys, I'm going to London next January 2018. I'm living in Brazil, so I need to have an account (Iban) and debit/prepaid card with low taxes.. all of it in GBP To Transfer money I think about Transferwise. But I don't know where I can find that Iban/card. I've read something about...
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