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I read here Get Offshore Bank Accounts With Credit Cards | GlobalBanks and found some interesting information there about offshore bank accounts and credit cards, BUT, this is very old news and it looks like a portal which only purpose is to attract people to enter their details.

Could it be a HoneyPot? I don't know, it's not my question I more or less like to know what offshore bank which also offer a credit card is available for foreigners?

No one can travel, so remote account opening may be the key.


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there are plenty of options for you to get an offshore bank account with credit card, you can just try saying this forum via google
site:offshorecorptalk.com  offshore bank account with credit card

Here is the first hit:

I admit, it is from 2015 so it may be as relevant as the one you found above. not good.

Here is one for you to get started, Mauritius ABC Bank also mentioned with reviews in the mentor group gold and many places all over the forum. They offer an offshore bank account and credit card which can be used in any ATM all around the globe. If you need an introducer for it, check mentor group and the resource section, plenty of introducers around there.

Here is another one for you:

Looking into it you will see that Bank of Cyprus offers account opening to foreigners, so they have a debit card and credit card they offer to their customers, again introducer is required. Check what I wrote in regards to introducer above.

Furthermore we have our fellow & friend @Gediminas who represent Bankera, a EMI or offshore bank, don't know what apply, but they accept foreigners so they offer a debit card to their customers.
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