offshore bank account

  1. J

    Where can I get HK company for cheap?

    Hi everyone, I have been following this forum for quite some time now, but now I am trying to start my business offshore and I decided to go with a HK company but the companies providing HK companies are having high prices and bad reviews online so I don't know where to go, please help I believe...
  2. J

    Offshore bank account for LLC Wyoming ?

    HI everybody, I'm Jeffrey from France , i'm a total newbie in international business. I want to opena Drop shipping business with the use of an LLC in Wyoming. For the bank, things are a bit complex for me. I'm tax resident in my land and for personal and huge medical reason , i'm not fully...
  3. M

    Apply for a offshore company formation along with offshore bank account

    Hi, I'm a new member and I'd like to know what is the best way to apply for an offshore company formation along with an offshore bank account simultanously! Is there a trusted firm able to able take of every documentation and then deliver the Newly applied offshore company + offshore bank...
  4. lavel

    Offshore Bank Account or EMI where?

    Hello fellows :D I would like to take this question up again in the hope that this thread could build up a list of offshore bank accounts and EMI available under the following conditions: Personal visit can be arranged company is Belize, Seychelles or St. kitts Tax information exchange is no...
  5. A

    Any SEPA country/bank left for transactional Hong Kong company ?

    My Hong Kong company (owner&director=EU citizen, non-dom Malta resident) recently lost an Eastern-European bank account, due to being non-resident there (it now all of a sudden requires local tax number / local branch registration in that country or otherwise absolute rejection/closure). It is...
  6. offshorecorpgroup

    Changes in Cyprus banking - We have an alternative!

    Announcement! Since the last few weeks it isn’t possible for us any longer to open bank account in Cyprus for offshore companies incorporated in Belize, Seychelles, St. Kitts etc. It’s a new policy applied to all banks in Cyprus. However, if you incorporate your business in Cyprus we are still...
  7. J

    Madeira, Open bank account

    Dear All, Any suggestion with name of bank to accept offshore bank account? Regards
  8. J

    Open a corporate bank account in Netherlands

    Dear All, Do you have experience in opening bank account in the Netherlands? If yes, Please HELP????
  9. J

    Open offshore bank in dominican republic

    Dear All, Any recommendation to open a corporate bank account in Dominican republic? Regards
  10. H

    Countries which do not require police background verification for residency.

    Hope you guys will not lecture me on duties of a responsible citizen etc. etc. [That is why I am not posting this on reddit.] I am a citizen and resident of a south asian country, I have not paid taxes in the last 5 years, but now I am receiving preliminary letters from the tax department, I...
  11. S

    Euro Pacific Bank

    Does anybody have experience with euro pacific bank now they have moved to Puerto Rico? They require all new accounts to fill in an IRS W8BEN form declaring not a US citizen or resident. My concern is that the IRS can and will then share this information with other countries tax offices. So...
  12. B

    where to open coportate bank account with belize offshore company when dealing with crypto assets ?

    where to open coportate bank account with belize offshore company when dealing with crypto assets ? We are a small hedgefund looking to expand our banking options We need to open a corporate bank account with our offshore company based in belize need a bank with positive reviews... and the...
  13. Wassil

    Hong Kong Company & Cyprus or other offshore bank account

    I have a Hong Kong company registered since 5 years, I'm doing international trading business, can a Hong Kong company have an offshore bank account in cyprus or any other place? Knowing that it's almost impossible to get a Hong Kong and singapore bank account open lately.
  14. X

    Dual citizen need help best combo offshore company + bank account

    Hi, Im a dual citizen of the US & Morocco (have both passports), Im a trader (own money), looking for best combo offshore company + bank account to get advantageous on taxes. Need maximum privacy. Thanks!
  15. Jump123

    Newbie - OFFSHORE COMPANY, BANK ACCOUNT and VIRTUAL OFFICES information overload

    Hi, I am a complete newbie to setting up an offshore company and opening an offshore bank account and setting up virtual offices too. I have been trying to research this but there is such an overload of information and amazingly some of the information is also so contradictory too. I have a few...
  16. R

    How to fund my account in Europacific bank?

    HI, My problem is: I opened an account in Euro pacific Bank already but don't know how to fund the account because my authorities does not allow to transfer money out of the country Could you please guide me how to fix the issue? thanks
  17. G

    What offshore bank I can open for property trading?

    I want to buy some property in Spain, Majorca and Greece Athene and a few other places. What bank offshore will be good for this trade? Will they ask questions if I transfer a few millions to the account and then buy property in the countries I mentioned?
  18. lostman

    Need offshore account to hide money, where?

    I need to know where I can open offshore account to hide my money? The most interest I have is Panama, Bahamas because they are best I heard and they have best possibilities to open account for French people. What do you think? Can you help me find the best offshore bank please?
  19. colotx

    Real Bank Account offshore or Digital Account Service Provider account

    I want to get your oppinion on what to do. I'm in the process to get a bank account offshore in Mauritius and Andorra! It is a long process and complicated process therefore I have setup an account with an digital account service provider CoinBank & Wirex - Drive your money which I can get fast...
  20. Finn

    UAE expats question regarding finance

    A couple of questions regarding salary setup and taxes. Can you setup a direct deposit for salary from the company you were working for in the UAE into your US (my country) bank account? Are there any taxes associated with transferring larger amounts of money from the UAE to my US bank...