1. H

    Ready-made Cyprus company for sale

    All, I have a ready-made Cyprus company for sale. Single shareholder and single director at present. All filings up to date. No business conducted since incorporation. Absolutely clean company. Reason for sale: No longer needed (I’ve now decided to set up my online business in my home country...
  2. Martin Everson

    Malta and Cyprus face growing pressure over money-laundering

    ....and we wonder why Malta just decided to close Satabank immediately when they get pressure from U.S who could cut your small island off from dollar access and collapse your economy overnight. Remember the majority of international trade and finance is still conducted in dollars :(. Plus both...
  3. J

    Tax Planning 2019

    Idea is to incorporate a business and of course, optimise the personal income by leveraging global opportunities. What I was thinking of is to have a; - Singapore business for webshop, selling mainly Digital services, this to minimise VAT/GST cost as Revenue below 1m s$ is excluded from VAT/GST...
  4. D

    Social Insurance in Cyprus (Hidden Cost?)

    Hi guys, I am a UK citizen and run a digital marketing agency here in the UK (UK registered company). I have decided to move to Cyprus full-time in a few months and re-register my business as a Cyprus-registered company to take advantage of the 12.5% corporation tax plus 0% tax on dividends (I...
  5. B

    Offshore company NEEDED for e-business. + merchant account + PP or Stripe

    Hey guys, I am looking for a jurisdiction where to form a new business for tax reasons. Me and my partner are Ukrainians, and my partner is resident in Italy. We are about to launch our online shop (shopify) with jewelry line that will further expand into original clothing. The business is...
  6. Nanoo

    Uk resident + Cyprus Company DTA

    My question is, if i incorporate a Cyprus company as a UK resident i could use the DTA to pay only 12.5% of coporation tax in Cypris and prove to HMRC that i paid the tax in Cyprus to avoid paying them in UK as well? Here's a example tell me if it's correct and legal. 1. UK resident. Company...
  7. happyjohn

    Personal bank account in Cyprus and source of funds!

    I just got a feedback from one of the major banks in Cyprus for which I applied for a personal bank account because my agent told me it's possible. Now I'm a little lost here to what I have to do with the attached sheet I got from them. It is the source of wealth form, does someone know what...
  8. K

    Cyprus Tax on Intellectual Property?

    Hey guys, A couple of years ago I was looking into moving my business to Cyprus due to their taxation on IP but during that time they were in the middle of changing how the structure would work so I ended up going to another jurisdiction. However, now when I looked, the new taxation system...
  9. B

    Looking for a banking solution for a Cyprus company.

    Hi People. I just got an email from RCB bank Cyprus that they will not be engaged in business relationships with companies that have the characteristics of “shell companies” and they will close my account in November. So I am looking for a new bank. We are a construction/workforce agency with...
  10. Monty Lee

    Dissolve or Let Company Expire?

    Hi, I want to stop using a company that's registered in Cyprus. I'm not sure about what steps to take. My registrar suggests dissolving the company, costs €1200. If I let company expire, they said that registry will strike-off the company in 6 months. Further they wrote: "As the strike-off is...
  11. Dubsize

    Cyprus offshore comp.

    Hi Guys, I'm a newbie here, so am I in the offshore world - this forum is very helpful. I have 2 questions regarding Cyprus offshore incorporation : 1) Is there any risk with using nominee's services ? I am not familiar with this use and I am afraid since officially, someone else is the...
  12. blip

    Astro Bank Cyprus (former Piraeus Bank) and crypto currencies, love or hate?

    Anyone knows about the stance of Astro Bank (Cyprus) and moving out funds to a crypto exchange trading crypto currencies (e.g. Kraken or Bitstamp)? Will the bank close down the bank account because they do not like you trading in bitcoins? Anyone on the forum with experience with this bank?
  13. S

    Seychelles holding - Cyprus limited: Relationship

    I've read about people that are using a holding in the Seychelles to reduce the taxes on their income with the Cyprus limited. Can somebody explain how that works exactly? -Is it that the holding sends invoices to the Cyprus limited (For rights, domain leasing etc.)? -Or is it some kind of...
  14. A

    can't see the forest for the trees

    As the topic implicates I'm a bit caught up with all the options and different possibilities. I want to form a company. I made thoughts on cyprus, bulgaria or hk. The underlying business is earning money online via amz asociates, a$ and maybe some other aff. marketing stuff. And then if I...
  15. E

    Escorts directory allowed for Cyprus company?

    I tried to create a company in Malta, but the agents would not handle me when they learned that my business is an escort directory. It is not only the agents but it is the law of the country that forbids this (and adult website in general). So, how would this work in Cyprus? Am I allowed to...
  16. blip

    virtual mobile number in Cyprus to receive sms?

    Anyone knows a provider where I can sign up for a virtual Cypriotic number where I can receive smses (to be sent via email to me)? I looked at Sonetel but they don't have mobile numbers for Cyprus and so can't receive any sms. :(
  17. bat123

    Who is the best service for incorporating Cyprus company + bank?

    Any one can recommend a service to me? Reply here or send my by DM.
  18. blip

    offshore structure for IT consultant in EU with EU clients

    This forum is great, this is my first post. I’m looking to establish an offshore structure to bill for IT consultancy services in Europe (in my own country of residence). I don’t want my name to appear anywhere on any contract towards the clients. So a nominee director is a must. I'm thinking...
  19. M

    Suggestion for corporate bank account in cyprus that can be opened remotely

    I have searched a lot on the internet for options but did not get an authentic picture. I am looking to open corporate bank account remotely (without visiting bank) in cyprus for online dedicated server business. I am game for incorporating in cyprus. I already have Hong kong incorporated...