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  1. N

    Is Finci a mess for everybody or I'm being unlucky?

    I'm a native EU citizen and resident. Opened an account with Finci a while ago but every single time I deposit money to my account from my other bank accounts, first it gets frozen, and then I have to write a message to them asking to unblock it. We are talking about a few hundred Euros. My...
  2. L

    Need recommendations for crypto cards and friendly EMI's for individuals

    I know there's a bunch of threads but usually it's just about this or that company and people either praising or trashing. I have used a bunch of them, but I was wondering if there's more that I should add to the list as generally it's not recommended to have a lot of funds inside some of these...
  3. Rome

    Please help! Advise on forming a cloud hosting business

    I want to form a cloud hosting business. We will be deploying virtual private servers and dedicated servers to individuals, businesses and multiplayer games in the US, EU, South America and Asia. Customers will be able to pay only using reputable cryptocurrencies and privacy coins will be...
  4. naquad

    Crypto-friendly EMI with a debit card and IBAN for non-EEA private client?

    Hi, Not so long ago BlackCatCard discontinued its card offering to non-EEA residents. It was great. Free incoming SEPAs, five free outgoing SEPAs, crypto service (those rates, though), some beer money for keeping funds there (annual interest paid monthly), and a debit MasterCard. Despite some...
  5. V

    EMI for US company with Russian founders

    Hi everyone, My partner and I are looking to start selling on Amazon. We recently formed a C-Corp in Florida, obtained an EIN, and created a website. We opened the company through a registered agent. We are both Russian citizens, but we currently reside in Georgia. We need a payment processor...
  6. mytoofood

    How is Currenxie now and do it works with Wise?

    I must say you understand how to make people nervous about banks and EMI's - I read the thread about Wise and that they are closing accounts in an instant. Now, I would like to spread my 300K euros so that it's not all just with Wise, but rather distributed across 3 - 4 EMI's - I already have a...
  7. bizman

    If Wise is going to close accounts and is not the best, how diversify the money?

    What EMI's would you suggest as good alternatives and to spread your risk? This is for a EU company which is unable to open a real bank account with a real bank? We have the Revolut which people are satisfied with, but are there others? And how would you rate Revolut for business activity in...
  8. M

    How do I off-ramp crypto yield generated by company? Your feedback please?

    Hello everyone, I am a Dutch passport holder and have an online marketing company in the Netherlands. I have converted a bit of fiat into crypto using a Dutch EMI a few years ago, which has since changed its policy and is now not crypto-friendly anymore. I am considering staking this crypto to...
  9. T

    Need Online bank with SEPA/SWIFT IBAN, prepaid cards and online processor solution for UK company?

    Hello, I have registered a UK company which has two activities: marketing services for B2B clients & running our own online store for cosmetics & clothes. Ideally, I am looking for an all-in-one solution providing me with: 1) company IBAN (mainly SEPA transfers, but sometimes SWIFT as well) 2)...
  10. J

    Best way to purchase bitcoin with EMI debit cards? (wise, payoneer)

    What is the safest way to buy crypto with EMI debit cards from wise or payoneer? minimizing the account lock risk as they restrict buying crypto.
  11. jafo

    Question N26 and crypto?

    I found this article on the N26.com website: What Is a Crypto Wallet? A Beginner’s Guide – N26 But I couldn't find anything related to crypto in the app. I am NOT comfortable asking them because I would "out" myself. I prefer to remain "100% ignorant" regarding crypto to the outside...
  12. S

    Best EMI for cash withdrawals?

    What’s the best EMI for cash withdrawals? The all allow it but often have ridiculous limits (like Revolut has 200 euros/month) and/or will take 2% of your withdrawal.
  13. A

    reliable Bank or EMI for British LTD with physical goods movements

    Greetings to all! I have read the entire section, but I couldn't find any topic where someone was looking for options to open an account to support similar operations. Therefore, I allow myself to post another topic. I need to replace WISE. I am exploring options for opening a Bank (or EMI)...
  14. DeutschSamoaner

    EMI/Online bank that can send money to Tinkoff or Sberbank

    Dear Respected Members of this Forum, Given that my business operations are centered around Russian imports, I am reaching out to inquire whether any esteemed members of this community are acquainted with financial institutions through which I can facilitate the sending and receiving of funds...
  15. M

    Any affordable EMI/Banks usable with WISE? I need a debit card

    Hi! I am from Bangladesh. WISE app gives me options to receive money in various bank accounts in different currencies, but does not issue a card. Only safe option I have is withdrawing the money to a BDT account on my local bank. While trying to SWIFT the USD balance to an USD account with the...


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  17. G

    EMI or something similar where I can move my funds to from PayPal

    Hello everyone! New member here, nice to meet you all! I am an Albanian resident and was wondering if anyone could suggest me a safe and reliable EMI or something similar in which I could move my money to from PayPal. Also I need it to offer a DEBIT VISA card since I have to link it to my PayPal...
  18. J

    Safe transactional EMI or bank account? advcash safe, any others?

    I am in Thailand and will be getting largish legit payments (a multiple transactions totaling $65k across the rest of this year) from US company for affiliate marketing paid out in crypto for now (they dont have an international fiat payments in place yet). I am wondering about the safest...
  19. A

    remote formation of non resident company + utility bill + paypal business account + bank account - is it possible?

    hi looking to open REMOTELY: non resident company + utility bill + paypal business account + bank account (not EMI) i dont care which country as long as all above are rules are met. is this even possible these days?
  20. Heretolearn

    Anyone Have Any Experience With Conotoxia?

    Speaking to the team seems like a viable option does anyone have any experience their trust pilot reviews seem pretty horrible but I don’t know how serious to take them.