1. T

    Offshore company + EMI. What are the dangers?

    Hello, I am living and working as a sole proprietor in an EU country. While taxes are generally sky-high, we have a handy tax scheme, where you pay roughly $160 a month, and you can have tax free income of up to $39,000. You have to pay 40% of tax on any amount exceeding the limit. This is...
  2. D

    ePayments is gone!

    Hello everyone, I recently heard rumors that ePayments is going to lose it's license soon, and clients withdrawing their money in hurry. Does anyone know anything about it?
  3. H

    EU Bank or EMI without calls or visit?

    Which bank/EMI i can open a pro or individual account in eu without the need of a visit nor calls?
  4. Z

    Which EMIs accept to open a corporate account for Lebanese people

    Which EMIs accept to open a corporate account for Lebanese people residing in Lebanon? Looking for EMIs that accept payments from the Middle East and Africa region.
  5. JohnSeed

    What are the limits with Transferwise?

    At what point would you not use Transferwise or any other EMI's for your business? First reason would be if you monthly turnover hits 50.000 euro / dollar - that's what I read in other threads on the forum. But what else is there?
  6. twee

    IBAN for Estonian company

    Hi guys, I need account with IBAN for my estonian company. I'm searching for solution. Can anybody explain me about international transfers for accounts opened in EMI (for example ePayments, Paxum, Paysera, Revolut, etc)? Can I receive/send payments from/to US for example or it works only...
  7. E

    How to check bank or EMI reliablility? Guideline for noob

    Dear all, Please share some short guideline for noob. How to check the bank or EMI to avoid scammers? What and which document should i check online? possibly there are some systems that can show the detailed information about financial structure that i want to check.
  8. H

    TransferWise holds money since early January 2019

    Hello, I’ve been using TransferWise business account for a standard europeen company for over six months and the service has generally been good. Then, they started sending a series of emails asking questions about payments I was receiving, and I replied to each one. This continued through...
  9. LucyOffshore

    What EMIs Allow Withdrawal from Kraken or Other Major Exchanges?

    What EMIs Allow Withdrawal from Kraken or Other Major Exchanges? Thanks
  10. lrotter

    EMI accepting BTC for offshore

    Hey guys! Probably what I’m looking for is unreal and I am looking for unicorns, but... Need EMIs that can open accounts (B2B) for Dominica registered company, does crypto business. And this account must accept BTC payments... Checked what was on EMI thread here, but found no solution. Let me...
  11. T

    IBANERA - any reviews ?

    surfing the web, found Home - Ibanera Ibanera operates under UAB Phoenix Payments, a company registered in Lithuania (a European Union member state) with company code 304920426 and with registered address at Mesiniu g. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania. UAB Phoenix Payment is an Electronic Money...
  12. lrotter

    eWallet solution for a South African company

    Hello! Maybe you could advise. We need an EMI solution for a South African company, Business activity of the company is giving call center services to offshore company’s that hold forex brands. Would be very grateful for your recommendations. Thanks.
  13. E

    Banks & EMIs with personal IBAN + Virtual Credit Card

    Hello Guys, i am looking for a European Bank/Emi that issues a personal IBAN (Beneficary has to be Account owner) and Virtual Credit Cards. The Account should be easy to open by european citizen. I have already looked up the "main" Banks like: Revolut, Bunq, N26 etc. The Verification...
  14. G

    Epayments - FIAT to Crypto - Problems? Right way to avoid problems

    Does anyone had some problems with an epayments corporate account when sending EUR to crypto wallet? What is the right way to do it properly? Possible directly to private btc wallet or do they want me to use the DSX... what would then be the proper way to avoid any problems? epayments -> dsx ->...
  15. C

    Georgia / Puerto Rico (EPB) / EMI??

    Hi everyone. I am a resident of UK and have a UK LTD company and a primary client in Switzerland, I am currently based in Rep. of Korea. At the moment I invoice the client and then extract money through dividends and a base salary. Sometimes I will receive funds via Revolut and was planning to...
  16. G

    Help for new offshore setup (with a tricky part)

    Hello, my clients are mostly in Germany & I need an easygoing setup. I am in the field of Online Marketing and SEO, therefore about 30-50 incoming transactions per month - what combination/setup do you guys recommend in this case: - Offshore Company (Ltd, etc..) with no accounting - remote...
  17. jakonda

    Revolut - money laundering ?

    I don't know if this can affect Revolut account holders but they are accused of violating banking rules. This can be a big hit for them if it is true. Digital bank Revolut's money laundering lapse exposed I don't remember exactly who it was, but someone (quite active) at this forum was...
  18. jakonda

    EU bank reject transfer from OceanPay

    Hello guys , To cut a long story short - EU bank rejected regular money transfer from OceanPay account. According to my research I found that OceanPay's cards are issued by the Bancorp Bank. Any idea why bank rejected to accept the money ? What can I do next? I was thinking to open a...
  19. Kievcash

    best EMI account

    Hello, What are the best EMI account for UK LTD with non resident, EU resident ? must be GBP and USD if possible But GBP Priority regards
  20. W


    I find this new EMI Banqia.co that offers free Iban. Has anybody an account with this EMI or has any information?