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  1. A

    Your thoughts about Capitalixe

    Hey, gentlemen. Have you had any experience with Capitalixe? I was trying to open a business account with DynaPay, but they said that they can't proceed with the account opening and forwarded my application to their partner, which is Capitalixe. Would like to hear your thoughts regarding that EMI.
  2. M

    Which EMI gives the highest number of personal IBAN ?

    Which EMI gives the highest number of personal IBAN ? I know TW gives around 5 or 6, but maybe there is some EMI that can give higher number of personal IBANs ?
  3. M

    Question about mentor group

    Hi, if I buy mentor group, will I see contact details to TRUSTED AND VERIFIED darks EMI sellers ?
  4. Panama

    US bank account or EMI for Panama corporation

    Hi folks, it's my very first post in this amazing forum. I am an Amazon FBA seller, I plan to open a corporation in Panama to use it to sell on in the USA, BUT the only one issue is existing. How to receive payments from Amazon to my corporation? EMI like Payoneer, TransferWise, OFX...
  5. J

    Georgia EMI license obtaining

    Hello everyone. I am working in financial/crypto licensing mostly in EU. Can anyone comment on the Georgia EMI license obtaining? And can it be used for international clients? A lot of things are heard, like it`s possible to incorporate in any Free Zone and obtain EMI license to service...
  6. M

    UAE or Seychelles for e-commerce in 2020/2021?

    I'm wondering which entity would work best for my e-commerce. Right now I'm living in Europe and I plan to live here for some more years. I wanna do things legally by paying my income tax, but I want easy regulations. Can you give me some cons and pros both for the UAE and Seychelles, to help...
  7. W

    EMI for UK VCCs ?

    Hello, I'm looking for EMI that can provide several UK VCCs such as Revolut... Do you know others ? Best regards
  8. ImKing

    What are the best EMI's around?

    I would like to know what are the best EMI's around and which one has more relaxed approval and day to day maintenance policies ? The question targets small business max 50K per month, the business activity is simple online commerce selling services (non tangible gods) using wordpress and...
  9. M

    Question Germany EMI bank account

    Hi Everyone, EU citizen but not from germany and I would like to know if there are any EMI's or banks, like N26 had before that issues germany bank account with simple verification, selfie included or even without selfie, only ID and from a different EU country. Many thanks.
  10. orangeye

    How to register offshore company and bank account and where?

    I want to know how it is possible in 2021 to incorporate my business in some offshore jurisdiction where: privacy is granted my name does not show up anywhere minimal accounting minimal to no tax to pay and where it is possible to open a bank account for the company or an EMI. Can someone...
  11. clemens

    EasiSave are they open for foreigners?

    In another thread I read about them Easisave they got a good review and I decided I want to try them. Anyway, I don't want to waste my time so maybe you can let me know if it is possible to open an account with them as a non UK citizen?
  12. clemens

    What real bank or EMI?

    I would like to get a thread here that could give a picture of which bank or EMI is the absolute easiest to open an account in! You can either use the Poll below or just post what you have to say below.
  13. N

    What bank accounts/EMIs are available for Non-EEA-US Nationals/Residents owning a UK LTD

    Hello there ! I have recently opened a UK LTD for my eCommerce business as a non EEA-US national/resident. In the effort of not putting all my eggs into one basket, I'm trying to diversify my payment options. I already have a Transferwise Business Account and I'm looking for other Online banks...
  14. W

    EUR bank account / EMI account for B2B crypto-related transactions

    Hello, I'm looking for an EMI/bank account(s) for moving large sums (100k-400k EUR per week). The funds will be received from crypto exchanges -> transferred to the account in question and then sent to multiple (5-20) companies. The actual service I'm providing is obviously crypto exchange...
  15. bastard

    Someone knows WorldRemit?

    I just fall over this service International Money Transfers - Send Money Online in Google and was wondering if someone know about this service and if it is reliable? For me it looks like just another EMI but they can transfer money in 50 currencies as they advertise which make it a little...
  16. oklybusiness

    EMI for a Delaware LLC

    Hello everybody, I'd like to know if there's someone who knows an EMI that provides a business USD account for receiving international SWIFT/Wire transfers for a Delaware LLC ? Note : The Delaware LLC director/shareholder is not from US. Thank you
  17. oklybusiness

    EMI with a local IBAN in UAE

    Hello Everybody, I'm new here I'd like to know if there's someone who knows an EMI that provides a local IBAN in the United Arab Emirates (USD or Other currency) ? Thank you
  18. M

    Monese is scam and is going backrupt

    People I am stuck with Monese and I think they will go bankrupt and steal all the money like Worldcore did. They blocked me a fairly respectable amount of money, for no reason, all backed up AML & KYC compliant. They are not answering calls to any of the numbers indicated in the website, they...
  19. I

    [email protected] PLC from Malta - any feedback?

    Hello, do you guys know anything about [email protected] PLC from Malta? the only thing i know is that they are italian. They have a linkedin presence but not other info I could find. ANy experience would help thanks
  20. K

    Is this legal ? Transfer pricing with a Tax-exempt entity.

    Hello everyone, - I'm French Moroccan (two passports) and I moved to live in Morocco (current fiscal residence). - I have a Tax-exempt company here in Morocco (no corporate taxes on foreign revenue for 4 years) - Dividend taxes 15%. - Instead of invoicing my US/EU clients via the moroccan...
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