1. carlosbl

    mccbanking.com. Anyone has experience with it?

    Hi to all, Anyone has experience with mccbanking.com? I have heard about them, but the website seems a little bit shady. Thanks in advance.
  2. spacely

    Proof of funds for a nominee?

    Hey guys! I am curious to know about any potential workarounds for a proof of funds option for a nominee while opening a Bank or an EMI account nowadays since this document is among the essential ones needed for that. If there are none, does it mean that opening a bank account on a traditional...
  3. Buratino

    Need help - EMI for crypto company

    Hi guys! Need your support in opening account in EMI for crypto trading company. Company is EU Ltd, has a local EU license. Will check all offers, PM pls
  4. M

    EMI as EU resident without being one

    Hello guys, Is it risky to open EMI bank accounts (Revolut, Bunq…) with my European passeport and EU Residency (bank statement with old address) knowing that I don’t live there anymore ? EU tax know that I don’t live there and got my real new address ( North African country) So if EMI report...
  5. C

    Questions about anonymous New Mexico/Wymoing LLC + some kind of bank/EMI in Canada and taxes

    I'm looking to form a single-member New Mexico/Wyoming LLC for privacy purposes (conceal name from public registry, technically its fine if banks or other legal institutions know about it although concealing the ownership as much as possible would be ideal) and to limit exposure to any potential...
  6. spacely

    UK EMIs working with EU customers

    Hello guys! It is late at night and I am surfing the net for the answers to my questions and it seems that I am either overthinking or lacking the fundamentals (or both) The question is: how so many UK EMIs still work with EU clients without passporting in the EU? As I see, it was an issue for...
  7. Cocopops

    Dual rate on the belarusian ruble

    Because of sanction on ruble, the belarusian ruble has a dual price in the world we can see on the photo that google have pain to choose wich one is the good, I was in belarus 6 month ago and I was able with revolut to use my card at the advantagous rate when for example n26 was giving me the...
  8. B

    Starting your own EMI is it profitable business or not?

    Hey folks, I have a friend who asked me about some ides about new projects, and when we were talking, i mentioned to EMIs, opening your own EMI and he really liked it. But i don't have much information about it. As i know it cost up to 1M 1.5M EUR to get your license + compliance ++++ bla bla...
  9. magnacarta

    IQOMP Alternative

    Hi, I’ve come accross an ad here and yes I know that whatever is posted as an ad we should be cautios ourselves regarding these companies. The company I am referring of is called IQOMP, claiming a fully anonymous company? My question’s are these: 1. Has anyone used their services, if yes...
  10. SoNewToAllShit

    I have Wise account, what are similar neobanks?

    The title already say it, what are similar neobanks / emi's like Wise? I don't just want to depend on one alone, you know, never put all your eggs in the same basked. Accounts are opened for European companies!
  11. C

    Question Why Passport and not national ID Card?

    I'm wondering why all banks which open accounts remotely/online, require a passport copy. Instead, they could accept a national ID card, not? Do you think, a national ID card would be accepted too, or why is a passport required? I don't see any difference, as usually you need the passport for...
  12. boomy

    What are the Currenxie alternatives ?

    Beside Wise, Currenxie, what alternatives are there for a European company? I need to be able to transfer money from Binance and Kraken to that account if possible!
  13. MarioMico

    Question EMI - getting paid for job without worrying about tax

    I just got a remote job in the US as a citizen of the EU. I'm looking for EMI (?) which could provide a USD account I can give to my employer so there is no trace of it in my country. Looking at how many transactions are "in the system" I doubt someone will ever check it, so it is just a matter...
  14. EliasIT

    Almost done registering a Swiss AG, where to bank?

    I would like to know, is there any reliable EMI or Neobank to use for a Swiss Holding AG ? The agent that is setting up the company said there are banks in Switzerland that may be able to open a bank account for the company, but it could be difficult. To avoid wasting a lot of time, I thought...
  15. R

    EMI now asking for TIN

    Hello, I have been consistently using an EMI (Lithuania based Walletto / IBANDIRECT) and now they have asked for my TIN. I transfer funds from another IBAN (Globitex) to my Walletto account. I then load a VISA card on Walletto/IBANDIRECT for day-to-day expenses, but now they are saying my KYC...
  16. 5K1PP3R

    Are Ukrainian nominees good nowadays for a UK company and EMI account?

    Can someone share experience - how are Ukrainians looked at by the EMIs nowadays? I guess opening a UK company should be no issue at all, but what about EMIs like Wise, Revolut and similar? What about Ukrainians who received refugee status or other status with a long term visa and European ID?
  17. 5K1PP3R

    Russian passport + Dubai residency. What EMIs are available for me and for my Cyprus company?

    In a couple of weeks hopefully I will have Dubai residency via my UAE company. But I have another Cyprus company with currently deactivated Wise account. Wise wants a non-Russian ID to reactivate it and apparently also to keep using my personal Wise. So what decent EMIs are available 1. For me...
  18. ashkoba

    Regulatory possibility of fiat lending from crypto collateral

    Some crypto investors I know have been discussing a startup company whose unique selling proposition was originally to provide short term loans collateralised by longer term cryptocurrency deposits. Their business plan is considered technically, economically and mathematically well-designed but...
  19. chren

    Question Revolut alternative recommendation? (Greece self-employed)

    Hi, as many of you might know Revolut is transferring to a Bank on Jul 1, 2022. I have been using it up until now to get paid for my regular job, did not report in my - pretty expensive - jurisdiction (Greece, I am also a resident) so far because it rarely surpasses USD 4k / month, coming from...
  20. C

    Low cost EMI

    For some time, everyone following the EMI space has noticed the increase in onboarding fees, minimum monthly payments, and transaction fees. Besides Revolut and Wise, what other low-cost EMIs are there?