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estonia e-residency

  1. OTR365

    Estonian e-residency background checks to become more thorough

    "Future Estonian e-residents will need to provide additional information when applying for a digital ID, pursuant to an order by the minister of the interior stepping into effect from April. ... In order to maintain user friendliness regardless of the increased amount of information requested...
  2. Q53

    Offshore construction. Estonia, Montenegro, Georgia. Aimed at glocal production for royalty revenue.

    Offshore construction: Estonian OU holding of IP. UBO: 100 my natural person (NP), via E-residency. Montenegro LLC: operational company. Founder: Estonian OU. Will have Various shareholders. Will have subsidiaries or hold equity of llc's the world over. Royalties and licence-fees will be payd...
  3. HappyFox

    E-Residency: How to best close my estonian OÜ company?

    Hi there, I’m looking for some advice on how to close my estonian OÜ company. The Situation: 1. The business operates in the digital travel-industry. My main job as the sole owner of the company is a combination of sales, customer-support and a lot of programming/design. I’m closing down the...
  4. anotherone

    Estonian company, is a EMI corporate account accepted instead of traditional bank account?

    I remember that some years ago, you had to deposit 2500 euros in a traditional bank account of Estonia when you incorporated an Estonian company through the E-residency system. I wonder if it is still the case or if you can open remotely a Revolut, transferwise, N26 account (EMI) and transfer...
  5. LisaSimpson

    Estonia and getting paid

    I have heard that some people lowered their tax by getting paid using income tax and expenses since it comes prior to profit. For example, I have heard of a German lady who lives under the nonhabitual resident programme in Portugal where she does not pay any income tax. She has an Estonian...
  6. Nauticalnomad

    Estonia E- Resident company vs Freezone UAE

    Does anyone here have an Estonian E resident company? Ive recently set up a freezone company in UAE and attaining visas for Dubai. I have a project management company with my wife. She specializes in DLT technology projects and i do Oil/Gas project management, inspection and auditing for subsea...
  7. negon

    Estonian digital bank!

    Estonia’s digital banking is for everyone everywhere » Banking Technology Sounds interesting, with the dicussions we had about Estonia before it looks like something has changed.
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