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  1. Admin

    Everything You Have To Know To Buy Gold For Bitcoins – Detailed Guide On Safe Investments

    Gold has always been rated as one of the safest investments in the world. It is available in a limited amount and its price keeps going up – much safer than flat currencies that come and go every few decades. On the other hand, these flat currencies have an apparently stronger competitor these...
  2. GiGoGo

    Question Bitcoin to Gold business

    Happy holidays. What you guys think about starting a business of selling physical gold for Bitcoin? Like you can send crypto and have a Gold Ounce delivered at home. There's no KYC requirements in my location for buying big amounts and insurance is not a problem. You guys think there's enough...
  3. bastard

    How to make money by investing in Gold?

    I wonder how it is possible to make money investing in Gold, seriously a lot of money, does anyone know anything that can help me a bit along the way maybe?
  4. J

    No Source of Funds BTC to Cash/Gold

    How would you go at preferably cashing out or converting to another hard asset like gold bars about 200-400k € in BTC that is not connected to the person in question in any kind of way but the person cannot provide any source of funds / proof of origin. A legitimate business exists in a low...
  5. C

    gold bullion dealers in EU report purchases to home country?

    If I buy gold bullion online from Germany and have it shipped to my home country (another EU country), will my home country's tax agency receive any CRS information about the purchase? Bullion bought online, paid by bank transfer from bank outside of home country.
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