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high risk merchant account

  1. uplana

    Want to learn how you setup 100% anonymous High Risk Merchant Account?

    For several reasons I'm unable to post a complete description on how to setup a anonymous (110%) high risk (including normal) merchant account. But for those of you that are serious and spend some money to upgrade to mentor group gold I have published a post about what is required and how to...
  2. EliasIT

    Would like to know best pharmacy merchant provider?

    Is there any payment service provider left, third party or real MAP that offer card processing for a established pharmacy online business? It is not for me but for a friend who started this business back in 2006, after endless accounts he burned he's fat up and want something stable if...
  3. andreas

    high risk payment processor needed asap

    I'm looking for a high risk payment processor for my pharmacy website. I have been looking all around here and there and Google. It's impossible to find some reliable company that accept pharma business. What I have tried is they seem to be the most legit company for credit card...
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