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I'm looking for a high risk payment processor for my pharmacy website. I have been looking all around here and there and Google. It's impossible to find some reliable company that accept pharma business.

What I have tried is they seem to be the most legit company for credit card processing.

If you know a good psp that can handle high volume payment processing then please let me know here or by pm.

Thanks ;)


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Elite Member is one of the only I know that are still in business and take on high risk business as the one you are into. There are a few other underground processors that keep themself in the background!


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You are all looking for pharmacy payment processing. I wonder what have you done so far?


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Why is pharmacy processing complicated? I get min. 5 e-mails a day with people selling this stuff and they want my CC information if possible.


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What are the best payment processors for high risk business atm? I see only the same names sowing up instantly no new names or payment processors I don't know of.

Are there any up to date list of high risk payment processors please?


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I wonder if you find a high risk processing company? We sell replica watches and looking for credit card processing company as well.


Is there any reliable payment processor around for high risk business? I already know instabill, gspay and a few more but would like to learn about others.
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