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  1. ImKing

    Moving to Lugano, Switzerland - seek personal assistant, good idea?

    I don't speak Italian, single, and have no obligations other than my dog which I want to take with me. For personal reason Lugano is the perfect match, I found several good homes for rental there. Now I wonder if it is possible to find some English or German (prefer) speaking person you pay to...
  2. clemens

    Same opportunity to enter the USA like in the UK ?

    I was researching a little to enter the UK with wife, and two children under the age of 18. After talk forth and back with some immigration lawyers in the UK they wold me the following: Now I got curious and it came to my mind if that would be the same possible way to relocate to the USA if I...
  3. I'mRobot

    What's the requirement to relocate to Monaco?

    I got inspired by the mentor group thread here https://www.offshorecorptalk.com/threads/will-my-plan-work-to-avoid-taxes-for-the-next-15-years.41759/ Sorry @EliasIT hope it is okay to refer to your thread! Someone in there suggested that relocating to Monaco is an option with +200K EUR in...
  4. clemens

    Any country in Europe to rent small apartment online without living there?

    Is there any European country where you can rent some sort of appartment (very small) just to use as an address to provide to your current country when you signoff and relocate ? There are plenty of websites if you Google but most of them are ghost sites or somply poor s**t.
  5. JohnLocke

    What It Takes to Become a Liberland Citizen – Is It Worth It?

    It is not every single day that you find a country with literally no taxes at all and a citizenship program based on blockchain technology – pretty much like cryptocurrencies. It sounds like a country of the future, but the truth is Liberland is an exception among all other countries out there...
  6. JohnLocke

    Vanuatu Taxes Explained – Is It Worth Your Attention?

    You might have heard of Vanuatu in your offshore adventure – it is often rated to be a tax haven with plenty of advantages for foreigners. However, most people have no clue where to locate it on the map, and it makes perfect sense – Vanuatu has become famous only recently. A simple visit to...
  7. JohnLocke

    Countries With Digital Nomad Visa – Choosing Your Next Destination

    Digital nomads used to be considered the luckiest people in the world – work online and travel around the world as you do it. With the recent coronavirus pandemic, more and more people turned to work from home, and it actually worked well. Homeschooling also became an option, so the trend is...