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  1. M

    Question Moving to Romania to cash out Bitcoin gains?

    Hey folks, lets say i bought some Bitcoin early this year and have the fear that the market will crash before my 1 year long-term tax ease comes into play... I read that lots of people suggest Cyprus and Portugal, which seems to be not entirely clear how they will tax it, i thought Romania...
  2. metronic

    Romanian micro company

    Hey guys, Been looking into opening a micro company in Romania for a while now but wanted to ask if any of you had any personal experience with it and could share your experience here. every tip/info is appreciated!
  3. metronic

    Company jurisdictions for Cyprus non dom

    Hey guys, I just moved to Cyprus and due to their banking history and talent pool, I want to set up my business somewhere else. My business is high in margins so I was thinking about Romania micro company. Anyone has any experience with Romania? (Plus talent pool fits my business and I just...
  4. metronic

    CY resident + Romania micro company

    hello guys, I am in the process of moving to Cyprus this month and I was wondering about the Romanian micro business as it suits my business and the talent pool I need for it. I wanted to ask about cfc rules in Cyprus that could apply to it. I would have a company in Cyprus as a holding...
  5. metronic

    romania (micro company and tax residency)

    Hello, I am currently in the process of moving to Bucharest. I read many comments online that it is a very safe place regarding crime. A few people I work with mentioned that making decent income could turn into some issues (being accused of a false crime, someone extorting a chunk of it,...)...
  6. Trashy

    Question US LLC (disregarded entity) with a foreign company owner - is it possible?

    Hello, What I'm planning on doing is starting a Romanian company (utilizing the 1/3% micro-company tax there). I'm a software developer, and the company would have two main types of income: 1) freelance work, 2) advertisement income/sale of digital products. For the foreseeable future, I would...
  7. H

    Best subsidiary location with substance for a Belgian company

    I live and work in Belgium. I want to open a company in a low tax jurisdiction to decrease the tax bill of our Belgian operating company. My business partner and I are currently not considering to leave Belgium. Goal My main goal is to save money on the companies tax bill in Belgium in a cost...
  8. Mr Magoo

    Micro Company Romania set up

    Hello, I am researching the set up of a micro company in Romania since I have almost zero costs running my business. Having approached several law firms in Romania I am getting a clear idea of what is offered and at what cost and what is needed to keep the company running. Setting up a company...
  9. 1nomad

    Romanian micro-company

    Anybody tried this Romanian system for digital business? Tax 3% (from all incomes) sounds too good to me ;) What's the catch?
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