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  1. boomy

    Stellar (XLM) what Banks and Organisations will use it?

    Everyone is talking about Stellar (XLM) as a game changer and replacement for Ripple/XRP but what make this coin so attractive to investors? Considering to invest a few thousands in this coin I would like to understand what makes it valuable over other coins?
  2. myshufflemix

    A New Dawn for the XLM (Stellar) Community

    I got this in my mailbox today but I really don't understand what does it mean for Stellar (XML) anything that is good and will rise the rate for this coin? My hope is someone here is able to explain more o_O
  3. lory

    Stellar ( XLM ) do you think it will go above 5$ ?

    I have read that IBM among a few other major fortune 500 companies are behind the coin, now I was wondering what do you think is this coin exploding in the near future to new all time high's or will it get into the same trouble as Ripple / XRP does? I consider to put a few thousand dollars into...
  4. PaulKruger

    What do you trust the most Binance Coin or Stellar?

    Do you trust Stellar more than Binance Coin or what are your thoughts about it right now? Assuming Binance Coin is owned by the worlds biggest Exchange Chinese Binance?
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