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I got this in my mailbox today but I really don't understand what does it mean for Stellar (XML) anything that is good and will rise the rate for this coin?
In order to bring Stellar to the mainstream audience and serve the world as we should, we have to make Stellar's blockchain more scalable, secure, and sustainable.
That is why we're incredibly excited to announce that Staking is finally here! In a partnership with the #Stellar Community Fund, we'll also be offering a bonus program for the first few thousand Lumen holders that apply.

More Lumens for your XLM
Delivering Staking to the Stellar community means that you can do a public good by securing the network and earn up to 25% more Lumens yearly. Key to achieving the goals of sustainability and growth is the introduction of Staking. If you want to use your Lumens to help secure the Stellar network and receive your share of the funds accordingly, get up to date with the help of our latest blog post.

My hope is someone here is able to explain more o_O


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I thin it's a fake email, check who sent it to you. There is no such thing as staking in the Stellar network since they removed the inflation from the chain because people were just using it to earn money instead of participating in the network.


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XLM will never reach the highs of BTC or ETH but it will settle at around $10. Stellar is more of a utility Blockchain for intergation that being said buy now and forget about it.
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