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Whether you are after cryptocurrencies, trading opportunities or you only want to start small and build up overtime, chances are you will inevitably run into crypto wallets as well. Crypto wallets and digital currencies go hand in hand just like your physical banknotes and your leather wallet. However, diving in without any education is likely to expose you to numerous risks, as well as a few issues. Not only do you have to understand what a crypto wallet is, but you also have to figure out how it works and what its features actually mean.

Browsing the top 10 crypto wallets on the market may seem like a good idea for a beginner. If thousands of people recommend one wallet or another, there must be something good about it. But as you dig deeper, you realize that different people have different needs. You might be into buying and storing certain digital coins. Someone else might want to focus on trading – completely different digital coins. All in all, here is everything you need to know about the best crypto wallets on the market, as well as a detailed guide regarding their uses and advantages.

Importance of protecting your cryptocurrencies​

Investing in cryptocurrencies is not the easiest task in the world – no doubts about it. In theory, the job is not that difficult. You will need a crypto wallet, as well as an initial investment to deposit money in an exchange and buy the desired digital coins.

In small details, the process can get quite complicated. There are many moving parts to ensure everything works smoothly. If something fails to work accordingly, the whole system falls. On the other hand, if things go right, the system is flawless.

Unlike the traditional banking system that provides vaults and accounts, this system is a bit different. Your vault becomes your own responsibility. It could be your hard drive or perhaps your removable storage system.

In fact, this is what decentralization is about. Banks will protect you, but they also act like middlemen. They need to make money out of this business, so you are constantly getting charged for everything. Many basic accounts even charge for maintenance, even if it does not really involve anything at all.

Decentralization removes the necessity of a central system, as well as the middle man – banks or even governments. The cryptocurrency world allows you to gain some independence and save some money. But since you become responsible for your own protection, this world also comes with some risks.

This high level of independence places all the responsibility on your side. You are in charge of your own protection, your vault and potential hacking attacks. This is what makes the necessity of a quality crypto wallet so obvious.

Disclosing the concept of crypto wallets and their functionality standards​

Simply put, a cryptocurrency wallet is practically a software. Its main role is to store keys – both public and private. It has a strong interaction with multiple blockchain softwares to allow people to receive or send digital money. You will use it just like a regular online wallet – make payments, sell stuff, make transactions, monitor the balance and so on.

Lots of people rely on crypto wallets, but they fail to actually understand their operating principles and functionality standards. In fact, most of them make assumptions that usually go in the wrong direction. Unlike a classic physical wallet, a digital wallet will not store your currency. In fact, online wallets do not really store money in a physical form. Instead, they store transactions and records.

For instance, when someone sends you some digital money, they basically give up their ownership to the respective amount. At that point, you become the actual owner of the currency. In order to be able to use the money – whether for purchases or to send others, the private key in your wallet must be identical to the public key of the currency.

Practically, this type of transaction does not involve an actual exchange. Coins will not move from one owner to another. Instead, the transaction is mostly done through a transaction record in the blockchain. At that point, the balance in your crypto wallet will change accordingly. Most crypto wallets perform such transactions automatically, so you do not require too much technical knowledge.

Now, what kind of crypto wallets can you find out there? What are the most popular types and what do they do?

Understanding how hardware wallets work​

Often referred to as cold storage crypto wallets too, hardware wallets represent some of the safest ways to keep your cryptocurrency safe. The cold storage involves offline storage. Practically, you have the opportunity to store your money in an offline environment – less likely to be attacked by hackers. From this point of view, cold storage is much better than hot storage – such as web or software wallets.

Hardware wallets come with extremely high quality standards in terms of safety and security. In a physical form, such a wallet is similar in size and looks to a classic USB drive – with extra security, of course. Without the right password, the wallet cannot be accessed by anyone else. Since it can be stored offline, online cyber attacks are out of discussion too.

Since nothing is perfect, hardware wallets have a few cons as well. If they somehow get corrupted, you will not be able to restore them. They are also physical, so they could get lost. Luckily, some of them come with a word seed, meaning you might be able to restore what is on them. The actual price is another disadvantage. You invest in greater security, so you clearly have to pay more for it.

Bottom line, hardware wallets make an excellent choice – especially among those who want to trade cryptocurrency on a regular basis. Offline protection is very well rated. But then, such wallets are like safe deposit boxes. You will have an access code or a password – you better remember it or you may not be able to access your money.

How software wallets work
Software crypto wallets are the opposite of hardware wallets. They are also referred to as hot wallets. In other words, they are easy to access and use, but they do not feature the same high standards of security. In other words, a professional hacker could be able to get into your wallet remotely, only because it is connected to the Internet.

On a more positive note, unless you plan to trade dozens of thousands, no one will really care about your money. The general idea is fairly simple to understand – trade in low volumes and software wallets will benefit from more protection. You will not be such an important target and you will never lose too much should you get hacked – less likely to happen anyway.

The general idea of desktop wallets
Desktop wallets have a self explanatory name. They are downloaded and installed on computers. They are handy on desktops, as well as wallets – just make sure the wallet you choose is compatible with your operating system. In terms of security, desktop wallets are quite well rated because no one can access your computer – plus, keep it offline when not in use for extra protection.

You cannot access a desktop wallet from other device – unless you remotely connect to your own computer. Other than that, they are not perfect, so they can also face a few issues. If your computer gets hacked, you might end up losing your funds. The same rule applies if you end up with a harsh virus – so make sure you invest in proper protection too.

Operating principles of online crypto wallets
Online crypto wallets are different from desktop wallets. They run exclusively online. They are based on the cloud, meaning it makes no difference where in the world you are. You can access your wallet anytime – as long as you are connected to the Internet.

It sounds convenient and practical. But then, these wallets are not the best in security. Your private keys will be stored over the Internet. Besides, there will be a third party controlling everything, so you become more vulnerable to theft.

Mobile operations in crypto wallets
Mobile crypto wallets are designed with mobile purposes. They work like applications. You download and install the wallet, then you use it anywhere. You can also use it while shopping – not necessarily online, but in physical retail stores too.

Since they are meant to be a bit limited in size, mobile crypto wallets are relatively simple and straightforward. You do not need any experience with them.

Paper wallets explained in small details
Paper wallets are not necessarily based on paper. They have gained notoriety because of their high level of security. While you can use a random piece of paper too, they basically refer to physical copies of your private and public keys. While not so common, paper crypto wallets may also involve using specific software that generated pairs of keys before printing them.

Paper wallets are intuitive and easy to use – no experience required. When you get a transfer in, you basically send money from a software wallet to the public address on the paper wallet. Whether you want to spend or withdraw some money, simply transfer what you need from the paper wallet to the software alternative.

In other words, the process also involves having a software wallet. The process is known as sweeping.

Security standards and tips in crypto wallets
As you can see, each crypto wallet is secure to a particular level, depending on the type you choose. At the same time, security also depends on the provider you choose. Just like you have probably guessed already, an online environment is riskier than an offline one.

Online crypto wallets could be exposed to hackers, vulnerabilities in the platform and so on. Since offline crypto wallets are not connected to the Internet, your main risks involve losing them or getting robbed in the middle of the street. You only rely on yourself for security, rather than a third party.

It does not mean that you have to disregard online wallets though. Given their potential vulnerabilities, diligent security standards have been implemented over the past years. They have never been more secure. Plus, there are extra options to increase the security. But at the end of the day, if you lose your private key, you will lose your money. Also, send money to a scammer and you will never get it back.

Precautions are extremely careful when dealing with digital currencies because they are not handled by a central authority, so there are no guarantees.

Backup the wallet​

This is one of the easiest and safest way to keep secure while dealing with cryptocurrencies. Stick to small amounts for everyday expenses and that is it. Everything else should be kept in your highly secured environment – such as paper or cold storage options.

Update everything
Is there a new version for your wallet? Is there another version for your mobile operating system? Go for it. Update everything. Most software updates are based on fixing small bugs and improving security based on the latest crime related. In other words, update both your crypto wallet software and the software on your smartphone or computer.

Extra security
The more security you can enable, the better. Make sure your passwords are complex and long. Withdrawing or transferring funds should also ask for a password. Stick to crypto wallets with a good reputation for security – two factor authentication might be a plus, not to mention additional pin codes when you run the wallet.

Generally speaking, a little research will put you in the right direction. Many wallets allow a good level of customization too, so you can adjust them with your needs in mind. What are the main benefits associated with customization then?

Control, flexibility and other benefits associated with crypto wallets
Opt for a reliable provider – you do not necessarily require too much customization, but a few bits here and there.

Longterm results and innovations
Technology takes years to build up. Numerous innovations will have to kick in every now and then, while the actual development goes through a bunch of different stages. While it may put you off, cryptocurrencies are not suitable for everyone at this time. Sure, they are expanding and growing – in fact, many offline and online stores accept them these days and chances are their popularity will keep growing.

Being trusted by numerous companies across the world, crypto wallets must be quite reliable. They represent a good longterm idea for various investments, as well as expenditures. In the long run, they make transactions a matter of seconds only.

Exchange and conversion rates
Crypto wallets can come in a single currency or more currencies. Conversion rates will give you headaches though – you end up doing lots of math, losing money and so on. All these issues are history with cryptocurrency conversions. Skip the headache associated with sending and receiving money and benefit from a standard pay scale instead.

While most wallets will have a few taxes, they are relatively small and impossible to compare to classic banking fees. There are no middle men, so you can undertake exchanges without worrying about wasting time and money.

Convenience and ease of use
Since crypto wallets allow a bit of customization, you can decide on the main features to use as shortcuts, as well as the features that you will never use. It is a convenient option to set a wallet with nothing but your personal needs in mind. Prioritizing features also makes it easy to manage a few different cryptocurrencies.

Customization also allows you to see graphs in the right colors, interfaces and so on. The user interaction and satisfaction will skyrocket, especially as you can focus your attention span and make the optimal alterations.

Sturdiness and reliability​

Crypto wallets are quite sturdy, mostly because transactions collapsing throughout the blockchain technologies do not represent such a major problem. It is less likely to happen, adding to the authenticity of the experience.

People can make super simple transactions as everything is synced throughout the wallet. Uniformity and reliability will provide a consistent experience, regardless of what you need the crypto wallet for.

Safety and peace of mind
Finally, lots of people feel insecure about cryptocurrencies, mostly because they cannot understand how they work. They fail to understand protocols, so more and more custom wallets break everything down for their users. Apart from failing to understand, people are also afraid of getting hacked by those who do understand the game.

At this point, statutory warnings, receipts and double checks are pretty standard these days for everyone's peace of mind.

Bottom line, crypto wallets come with a bunch of benefits that no one can overlook. Besides, this is the optimal way to store your cryptocurrencies – be it as an investment or for shopping. But then, you want the whole picture. What are the risks associated with crypto wallets?

Most common risks associated with crypto wallets
Mobile wallets are hot and online on a 24/7 basis. Some of them come with the extra feature to export private keys – it might be handy at times, but it could also make things riskier. Imagine losing your phone and failing to use a pin code for the crypto wallet – anyone can grab your coins then.

In such wallets, it is the app or the smartphone responsible for storing private keys. If the software has bugs, such issues can be exploited and private keys can be taken away – this is how you lose your money.

How about people having access to your smartphone? You forget your device at work one day and someone knows your pin number. They can easily send coins to another address that they run, stealing your money.

Web wallets are not safer either. Lose your smartphone or the mobile number or you could be in trouble. The email you use is just as important. If you are an Android user, someone hacking into your Gmail account is likely to get to your web wallet as well.

Desktop wallets may seem a bit safer, but they can still pose some serious threats. If the wallet you use keeps seed keys unencrypted, you are exposed to hacking attacks.

The point is – such things have happened. They will happen again. There is a small percentage of people getting affected by them. In fact, most people who lose money will do it by sending coins to the wrong addresses or scammers. With all these, never say never – here are a few ways to improve your security standards when using crypto wallets.

Tips and tricks to ensure high safety standards when using crypto wallets
Here are a few general ideas that may seem daunting and time consuming at first. They will add to your security though, so they are totally worth it.
  • Private and encrypted keys – A little research on your crypto wallet will reveal whether or not your private keys are kept in an encrypted form. If unencrypted, you might want to move on to a different wallet.
  • Two factor authentication – This type of security targets more and more applications, including basic messaging applications. It might feel like an extra hassle, as it takes more than just a few seconds to login. When it comes to money, it is worth the extra time.
  • Superior mobile authentication – A pin number is great to secure your mobile device, but modern smartphones take it even further. You can also use your fingerprint to unlock or authenticate, not to mention facial recognition.
  • Strong passwords – The stronger the password is, the better. But at the same time, it could be annoying too. Typing 20 characters and making a single mistake may waste a bit of time, but security comes first.
  • Plan B – Do you have a contingency plan ready? What happens if you see any hacking signs or suspicious activities? Come up with backup solutions to handle such problems and you will never be left hanging.
  • Keep an eye on the mobile number – Be aware of the number. The number is the last thing people pay attention to, but it can also be lost or hijacked.

Now that you have some clues about how crypto wallets work and what they do, what are the top rated options on the market? Which crypto wallets have the best security standards and features?

choosing the right cryptocurrency wallet.


Coinbase Commerce Wallet

Coinbase is one of the most popular crypto wallets on the market and definitely a primary choice for those who want ease of use and convenience. It provides access to numerous activities involving cryptocurrencies, such as transferring, storing, selling and buying. It is capable to store numerous digital assets offline too – plus, it works in over 100 countries.

  • Buy and sell most types of digital currencies on the market. Coinbase allows transacting all kinds of digital currencies, including niche currencies. Obviously, there might be a few exceptions out there. But unless you are specifically up for something in particular, chances are you will gain access to what you are after.
  • You can use Coinbase over the Internet, through a web browser. You can access it over your laptop or computer, but you can also use it on your smartphone. There are a few extras when it comes to mobile uses because Coinbase has free Android and iOS apps, which provide the same features as the website plus push notifications.
  • Are you into investments and longterm trading? You can do it yourself or simply schedule currency trading. Such schedules work on various time frames – monthly, weekly or daily bases. It is entirely up to you. The feature is not that suitable if you are not too eager to start trading in this industry.
  • Finally, safety is flawless for Coinbase. While it has had a few unfortunate accidents, security standards have been seriously upgraded. These days, Coinbase is among the largest crypto wallets in the world. It will also store your money in a vault to ensure no one else can access anything.


Blockchain.com - Bitcoin Wallet

Named after the operating protocol behind this industry, Blockchain has grown to become a reputable name on the market. Apart from its popularity, it also features some of the highest safety standards for coins. It is used to store and invest cryptocurrencies, but it also keeps track of various elements – such as who owns the actual tokens.

  • Speed is one of the main reasons wherefore Blockchain has become so notorious. You can exchange various cryptocurrencies – and you do gain access to numerous coins – almost instantly. You can jump from one coin to another in a second – simple as that. As for the actual coins, you will find the most popular ones, as well as some niche alternatives.
  • Security is not to be overlooked either. You can secure funds in a cold wallet – practically, keep your money offline to prevent hacking attempts. Then, you can use a hot wallet for everyday activities and transactions – such as shopping. You can keep your eggs in more baskets and reduce the risks.
  • Blockchain will not restrict your activities whatsoever. You gain full control over your funds. It makes no difference why you need digital coins for. Apart from full control, you can also back everything up and get a bit of protection against unauthorized access. Create the wallet from scratch and enjoy the customization.
  • Finally, you can use your crypto wallet on more platforms. You can use it over your computer or laptop, but you might as well run it on the go. Install the application – free for both Android and iOS systems. There are no differences between the two formats, apart from a few updates in the interface and push notifications.


Paxful - Cryptocurrency Wallet

Paxful is one of the most diversified crypto wallets on the market. The wallet comes as a secondary feature to the primary purpose of this portal though. It was initially designed as a peer to peer marketplace. You can sell, buy and trade digital currencies through a wide variety of payment options. It is great for both newbies and experienced users.

  • Diversity is certainly a plus. The more digital coins you have access to, the easier it becomes to choose the one you want. You can be flexible and even find niche cryptocurrencies. There are literally hundreds of digital currencies to invest in – after all, this marketplace brings people from all over the world.
  • The crypto wallet also makes it fairly simple to handle cryptocurrencies and flat currencies in an efficient manner. You can withdraw money directly from the bank account associated with your card, without having to go through too many processes. This way, you get a bit of extra peace of mind.
  • Funds can be sent anywhere. Apart from the possibility to trade, buy and sell plenty of currencies, you can push your funds in the right direction whenever you need money. You can send some of your money to your bank account, but Paxful is also compatible with online payment platforms like PayPal.
  • Last, but not least, there are over 350 different methods to handle your money. Bank transfers, credit and debit cards represent some of the most popular options, but you also gain access to Western Union or Amazon Cash, among many others. As for the crypto wallet, you can use it free of charge.


Exodus is certainly one of the top 10 crypto wallets on the market. In terms of security, it could qualify among the best options out there. It allows managing and exchanging various digital currencies in one single interface. You can also diversity your assets and portfolio by exchanging all kinds of goods – ideal for longterm financial stability.

  • The online platform has gained notoriety for its advanced security standards. If dealing with crypto wallets makes you anxious, this portal will make everything easier. It breaks down all the information you need to know and it explains its advanced security principles in a straightforward way.
  • Worried about hackers or online exposure? Forget about it. Once you have some digital coins to store, they will go offline. Your assets will be secured in an offline manner. Exodus relies on Trezor hardware – some of the best rated hardware wallets on the market – to keep your coins away from hackers.
  • Trading enthusiasts will love the access to various marketplaces and trends. You have the possibility to monitor market movements in real time. Find out what goes up and what goes down on the go – keep an eye on your favorite coins and invest at the right time to come up with good profits.
  • Finally, reliability is not to be overlooked either. You want to be able to use your crypto wallet anytime and anywhere. Whether you want to send or receive coins or you want to trade, you can do it over your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Hardware wallets will also provide access to a few more options.

Atomic Wallet​

Atomic Walet for Cryptocurrencies

Atomic Wallet is one of the most popular crypto wallets out there. It supports customers from more countries and allows access to all kinds of digital currencies. It is relatively easy to use – you will get used to it within a few hours only. At the same time, it is popular for allowing instant exchanges with cash back features.

  • Atomic Wallet lets you buy, sell and trade the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. You gain access to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple, among many other leading digital coins. There are not too many niche coins available, so make sure you go through the list upfront.
  • Atomic Wallet is intuitive and straightforward. Some crypto wallets come with different interfaces for different activities. This one allows everything in the same platform. You can exchange and trade cryptocurrencies, manage them, buy and sell through one interface – secure and easy to use.
  • Full control of your funds is one of the best parts about Atomic Wallet, but it could also be a drawback. You know exactly where your funds are and there are no third parties responsible for their security. While this might be a good thing, most novices will most likely require some extra protection.
  • In the end, it makes no difference if you are a newbie with no experience at all or a veteran with years in the cryptocurrency industry. The customer service makes the difference in Atomic Wallet. You get fast and efficient replies, whether you get in touch by email or over the live chat function – help, advice and tips regardless of your experience.


ZenGo Crypto Wallet

Zengo is one of the first crypto wallets on the market. It is keyless, meaning the platform has started a new trend in the industry when it first hit the market. This type of operation makes buying, selling, trading and storing digital coins in a very simple manner. It may sound sketchy, but ZenGo relies on advanced cryptography to ensure security is high.

  • ZenGo makes the industry fairly simple to understand for everyone. The interface is easy to get along with and early adopters can use it for free. You can use it to earn digital coins as well and they go directly to your wallet. Despite its simplicity, you will gain trust overtime as you become familiar with its security measures.
  • ZenGo does not require storing private keys. You do not have to remember or write down all those codes. Instead, it takes care of everything for you to reduce the headache. You can login securely and create backups – you can do it over a classic password or with your biometric identity.
  • ZenGo will be quite attractive to newbies who do not trade too many coins, as well as those who want to keep their expenses low. Believe it or not, there are no fees associated with withdrawing digital currencies. It makes no difference what another wallet you transfer your money to – what you send is what you get.
  • Finally, to top all these benefits up, ZenGo has implemented a top notch customer service. Its reps are available round the clock – it makes no difference where in the world you are. You can contact the company in more ways. The app is the most common option – available on both iOS and Android systems.
Binance Chain
Binance Chain - Cryptocurrency Wallet

Binance Chain is sometimes referred to as BNB. It provides one of the fastest and most efficient platforms, regardless of why you need a crypto wallet. Furthermore, it provides access to an API that allows integrating your current trading app, so the transition from one platform to another is practically a matter of minutes.

  • Binance Chain is a front runner in terms of transactions. Unsurprisingly, the platform boosts more than 1.2 billion transactions on a daily basis. Its volume outweighs most of the competition. In other words, there are over 1.4 million transactions performed every second – all these numbers while maintaining its high speed.
  • Unless you are into very specific niche coins, chances are BNB will give you what you need. It supports the most common cryptocurrencies in the world – from Bitcoin and Litecoin to Ethereum and Rippe, as well as over 150 other cryptocurrencies. In terms of trading, you can go in any direction.
  • Trading is made relatively simple, with or without experience. There are a bunch of different tools that will make the venture easier – you can also automate it a little for easier transactions. Moreover, there are both basic and advanced interfaces for trading, depending on your experience.
  • In the end, you should know that Binance Chain is compatible with most systems and browsers. You can use it over your computer or laptop, but the app is also great for Android and iOS systems. The customer service is always there for support. Since the platform is used all over the world, the customer service is available round the clock.


You cannot really go wrong with Robinhood. It is extremely well balanced and eases pretty much every transaction involving digital currencies. It is not the best on the market for certain activities, but it will do everything at an above average level, meaning it will support multiple aspects related to the trading industry.

  • Robinhood is great for the major digital currencies. It works with Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum, as well as many others. It is not the best choice for those looking for specific niche currencies. You may have to find a wallet specialized in those currencies or stick to a wallet taking hundreds of options. You can trade, buy or sell.
  • Customization is one of its strongest points. You have the option to customize the interface, as well as certain processes and shortcuts. Gain access to your most needed features with just a tap or a click. Funds, campaigns and other aspects allow a high degree of customization for an easier use.
  • Safety standards will not disappoint you either. Get in touch with the customer service if you have any concerns and you will be pleasantly surprised. You gain full management of your portfolio and support on a 24/7 basis, regardless of what you need help with. The crypto wallet also provides access to educational content.
  • Bottom line, you gain access to anything you could possibly do with digital currencies. You can trade, buy and sell in a safe environment. You can do it over your computer, but you can also use your laptop or smartphone. Robinhood has its own application if you want a more convenient approach.


Monero is one of the leading options on the market – popular, well secured and anonymous. Its privacy is one of the main aspects behind its growing popularity, but at the same time, it does not compromise on safety or security. The wallet is compatible with other platforms and allows sending and receiving money in no time.

  • Monero can be used for all kinds of activities. You can use it to store your money, sell or buy stuff. You can exchange digital currencies for goods and services in an anonymous manner. The location makes no difference – the crypto wallet is available in most countries that allow cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Apart from its anonymous profile, Monero is also well known for its low fees. Compared to other similar wallets, it is way cheaper than average. Payments are inexpensive whether you buy or sell something. On the same note, payments are almost instant, so you will not have to wait for hours to get anything done.
  • The crypto wallet allows confidential transactions – part of its anonymity standards. Other than that, transactions are not traceable. If you use it right, there should be no connections to your actual name. Being highly compatible with other wallets, transactions should face no issues going through.
  • Finally, lots of reviews claim on the ease of use. You can use flat currencies to buy cryptocurrencies. You can also use various payment platforms to convert money and make transactions. Obviously, some banks or online payment platforms may charge fees for dealing with cryptocurrencies.



Trezor is among the leading hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies out there. Hardware wallets are extremely well rated because your money is stored offline. In other words, you are safe against hackers who might be after your hardly earned coins. The wallet is compatible with most smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets.

  • Trezor excels in terms of safety and security. Not only is it offline, but you can get it online within seconds only. Simply plug it into your device and it will generate a unique code. A different code will be given out for each use – only for security. Such high standards ensure no one can copy your code to use it later on.
  • The crypto wallet is highly appreciated for its high compatibility too. Most crypto wallets allow dealing with more cryptocurrencies, but Trezor goes the extra mile. Apart from classic digital coins like Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, it takes over 1,000 other coins – including niche or unpopular options.
  • The hardware wallet is quite intuitive to use. You do not need any experience. If you feel stuck, there is an active customer service willing to give you a hand. However, you can plug it in and everything is straightforward. It comes with a touchscreen as well – getting around it is fairly simple.
  • In terms of compatibility, you will not need a new computer or smartphone to use your new crypto wallet. Instead, it works wonders with Android and iOS, but it is also suitable for computers and laptops running on Linux, Mac OS X or various versions of Windows. It may not be too good with old computers though.


As a short final conclusion, crypto wallets come in more forms, shapes and sizes. There are more systems out there and each of them has both pros and cons – nothing is perfect. It does not mean that anyone can get hacked – instead, it means you must pay attention, be cautious and perhaps diversify your assets a little.

What works for some investors or cryptocurrency users will not work for everyone else, hence the necessity of doing some research. You must become familiar with the types of crypto wallets and figure out which one is more suitable for your unique needs.

At the same time, it pays off going through the top 10 crypto wallets on the market in order to understand their features and functionality principles.

Meta: Discover the top 10 crypto wallets out there, the importance of protecting your assets and the necessity of making an informed decision.
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according to forum users Monero is the only valid solution for anonymous payments with crypto. That said, you will need a Monero wallet and some blockchain wallet to store more cryptocurrencies.

Sum up, you need to have 2 wallets if you want to stay under the radar!
Really good information and selection of wallets to write about. My believing is that if you install one of these wallets (Exodus) or only login to these wallets from a "tail os" as I read about here https://www.offshorecorptalk.com/threads/the-ultra-anonymous-operating-system-that-forgets-everything-you-do-–-introducing-tails.31842/ in the mentor group you will stay totally under radar.

You will become a online Ghost right?
Tails is the way to go, with regards every execution carried out on the tails OS is higly secure etc.

Logins carried out on a system with the Tails OS, would not register the key strokes,binary files dont exist on the Sys files, etc...thus the safety aspect...
That said Transactions in crypto sent or received, leaves the Wallet securely, and then registers on the blokchain network which goes through a node etc etc...

which negates anonymity as Crypto(btc) is pseudoanonymous and can been seen on the blockchain network when analysis occurs...
Overall Tails OS as a plug and play tool is the way to go...rea#44!
okay guys thanks for your contribution, can you please get back to topic ki#¤%
according to forum users Monero is the only valid solution for anonymous payments with crypto. That said, you will need a Monero wallet and some blockchain wallet to store more cryptocurrencies.

Sum up, you need to have 2 wallets if you want to stay under the radar!
do you really need two wallets? surely if you have the monero app and have your key words for recovery (nuemonic?) its all you need?
Sorry and you if use a decentralized exchange to move into you monero wallet as well? I saw something above about the dark web...I have never used it and why would you need to if you follow the above route? advice and clarification appreciated! see attached for comparing decentralised and centralised exchanges
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What a shitty infographic it's for beginners. I don't see why Liquidity and Features and Low and Basic? If you don't know how cryptocurrencies work it may be true but why would you need anonymity then.
Thanks for all your comments and contribution to this thread, please keep them coming thu&¤#

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