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  1. S

    Which Payment System give EUR IBAN for Crypto related Payments online?

    Hi, Like transferwise is there is any other crypto friendly service, where you can get your virtual EUR IBAN to receive SEPA payments?
  2. K

    Bank Account for Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading Business

    First of all I would like to thank all the forum members for the helpful and resourceful information that has been posted. I am EU citizen and I have recently registered a company in Estonia which will be used for trading forex and cryptos. The use of the bank account will be to send money from...
  3. R

    Why form offshore company if primary goal is just privacy?

    The goal is to form a website that provides consultation advice on blockchain technology with an emphasis on privacy for the site owners. Primary concern is not being sued for advice being given to individuals primarily in Europe and not wanting to have to navigate the regulatory environment for...
  4. G

    ICO website script

    Wish to launch an ICO? You are searching in the right place. We have the best ready-to-use ICO website script. All the required customizations will be done based on your demands and we render complete support till the website is launched. Give your ICO investors an experience they can never forget.
  5. G

    Enterprise Blockchain Services company

    Blockchain Firm is one of best enterprise blockchain services company for all industries. Our own blockchain technology has distributed ledger to develop custom build application for the betterment your business needs.
  6. G

    White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet

    You have a lot of coins and do not know where to hold them? Worry not! Our multicurrency wallet development is a boon in the cryptocurrency industry. Now, you can hold litecoins, bitcoins and any currency in the multifaceted wallets. White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet
  7. G

    Multi Currency Wallet Development

    You have a lot of coins and do not know where to hold them? Worry not! Our white label multi-currency wallet development is a boon in the cryptocurrency industry. Now, you can hold litecoins, bitcoins and any currency in the ready made multifaceted wallets.
  8. R

    Cryptocurrency Magazines

    To become truly successful, you NEVER can stop learning, but often it’s not exactly that easy to do so. Therefore, the ideal way is to stay up with the market and keep eye on regular happening. With wanting to do that, it is Cryptocurrency Magazines that comes to mind as the EASY source to do...
  9. J

    UK based looking to set up a cryptocurrency business

    I'm looking to set up a cryptocurrency company and need a crypto friendly bank to cash out bitcoin I also want to trade options with the profits of the company where is the best place to incorporate?
  10. K

    Mistertango for business

    Hey! I have read some different views on the Lithuanian electronic payment service provider Mistertango. I am currently in the middle of opening an account with them for my brokerage business. Before sending them any money, I would like to hear about some of your experiences especially on the...
  11. C

    Offshore company + Cyprus Bank Account

    Hello, I am looking to start an offshore company in Belize or Seychelles. I am preferring to have an offshore bank account in Cyprus. My company work is basically to provide IT services or software development services. But my clients pay me in terms of cryptocurrency. So I will be selling them...
  12. H

    Offshore Corp HK + MisterTango Acc Crypto Trading

    Hi guys, Firstly, amazing forum! i have been reading and learning for the last year and finally decided to do something and now i am hoping i can get some amazing advice from you amazing people. So i recently met a bitcoin OTC guy here in my country and he informed me that he would be willing...
  13. V

    Best offshore setup for cashing out Bitcoin and crypto?

    Hello all, New here and to the offshore corporation world, and impressed so far by what I'm discovering. I have cryptocurrency funds that I can't cash out in my EU country due to unbelievably high taxes. However I do not want to settle in some tax haven for now. Is the following setup...
  14. diablo

    How to get the last 20 XRP out from my current Ripple Wallet?

    I was wondering how it is possible to get the last 20 XRP out of my Ripple wallet? The reason, I have transfered all my Ripple to the Ledger nanon S so I don't need the wallet any longer but I can't withdraw the last 20 XRP's ?? Any idea if I just lost them or what to do?
  15. P

    Banking solution which accepts debit card for funding

    Hi guys, I'm planning to set up a bitcoin trading business. I been going through this forum and it Seemes pretty interesting. I'm a newbie here. I would like to set up a bank account with a bank which can accept payments through debit card. Payment will be originating from my personal account...
  16. D

    Cryptocurrency Banking

    Hi Guys, Really struggling to establish a banking relationship for my Cryptocurrency business. Does anyone have any suggestions on how/with who i can get this banked? I will have large amounts entering/exiting the account. I'm incorporated in the Channel Islands. Thanks in advance.
  17. P

    Where to incorporate and open a bank account?

    Hello everyone! I'm a full-time crypto trader with a team, some solid connections, and capital to invest. I already have some clients lined up for this business. We want to offer a service where we purchase any amount of any of the top 10 volume cryptocurrency coins. The website will be very...
  18. uplana

    CryptoCurrency soon supersede real money?

    I was thinking about all these services offering to convert your BitCoin (Crypto currency) to real Money. Like CuBits that let you even process BTC and convert them immediately to EUR, USD and GBP. Are we soon so far that people that don't want to take part of all this legal shit going around...
  19. Flycatcher

    Do you accept Bitcoins for Mentor Group?

    I'm considering joining the Mentor Group but I've been banned from PayPal. By any chance do you accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?
  20. Admin

    Important! Read before you post!

    You can advertise any E-Curency or CryptoCurrency in this forum for free, we just ask you to apply to the following guidlines: The business description must be minimum 300 words You should include at least 1 picture Max 1 link to your website / service is allowed You may want to use a...
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