1. clemens

    Why is the cryptomarket exploding right now?

    FED made their announcement ysterday, I understand. But what let the BTC and ETH explode to new highest this month?
  2. CoinMaster

    Is it possible to transfer money from Kraken to Wise account ?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to send money from Kraken to Wise ? It the FAQ from wise it says: Kraken is from the USA isn't it?
  3. milkyway

    Question Best Jurisdiction for Crypto trading bot platform? Who would you recommend to assist in company formation?

    Hi All awe¤""%, I'm so glad I've discovered this forum. This is my first post; with this post, I wish to introduce what I am doing and ask for some advice. My team and I have spent the last year creating a very efficient and low-priced cryptocurrency trading bot platform; users can connect...
  4. clemens

    What is the best cryptocurrency platform?

    For beginners, what is the best cryptocurrency platform? I know there is kraken, exodus and FTX who all are easy to use. The more advance cryptocurrency trading platforms are binance and similar. Which one do you prefer ?
  5. bastard

    Why does kraken delays exchange from BTC ot FIAT again?

    The last year or so I have not seen the delay from BTC to FIAT. Today I wanted to exchange some of the BTC to FIAT and it is not instant any longer. I have a exchange sitting for the last 10 minutes. Does someone know why they do it?
  6. aage

    Crypto market - the sh*t is exploding!! What's your next move?

    You are all following tight the crypto market, if not, don't need to read on. What's your thoughts, what is going on, will **** hit the fan now?
  7. bastard

    Is there a stable coin that not require ETH on the same account?

    I wonder if there is any Stable Coin that does not require that you have Ethereum on your account? If I use Exodus for instant to exchange BTC to USDC it require me to have a balance on Ethereum. So each time I want to exchange, they take Ethereum :D I don't want to exchange to FIAT each time...
  8. cuno

    How cheap is changelly?

    I want to know if they are the same as Kraken and Binance or if they have much higher exchange rates?
  9. bizman

    Does Binance is CRS compliant and report in EU ?

    Is someone aware of if Binance is CRS compliant and report EU account holders if they use their trading platform? If so, what alternative trading platforms are there?
  10. aage

    People talk Bitcoin what about Ethereum?

    What about Ethereum, what's the prediction for this coin, it is falling like any other coin but it was the next biggest coin?
  11. SoNewToAllShit

    Was Bitcoin not an alternative investment to the stock market?

    I have read lots of places that Bitcoin got its heyday during the recession in 2008, everything fell, bitcoin rose! So what happens now, the Stock market is down, the Crypto market is down and even Gold is down?
  12. EliasIT

    What is the fastest way to exchange FIAT to USDC ?

    I have 5000 euro I need to exchange to USDC quickly, I would have liked to avoid KYC by reliaze that's not possibl.e I already read here looks like to be the cheapest and...
  13. clemens

    Bought 5 ethereum today!

    I bought 5 Ethereum today just to jump on the wagon. Do you believe I will be rich in about 5 years ? What are my chance to double, tripple or even do more over the years?
  14. maxmoney

    Bitcoin below 31K - how far will this go?

    WOW WOW DAMN **** Bitcoin is going below 31,000 USD WTF. Is it the end of the crypto era?
  15. clemens

    Is there a portal, forum, blog with shops that accept cryptocurrency?

    I want to know if there is a portal, forum, blog or other medium available that has a database or something with shops online that accept cryptocurrencies as payment method? My question is for general use of my cryptos in other investment than crypto itself.
  16. P

    Best country to incorporate offshore for Cryptocurrency income for a Thai Resident?

    Hi, My wife is a Thai citizen, and together we live in Thailand. I am looking to incorporate a company offshore in order to pull in my cryptocurrency income (expected about 200k Euros a year. This is from a variety of sources: trading, investing, NFTs etc) to Thailand with no personal income...
  17. burden

    Is it happening now, BTC below 37K !!??!!

    BTC is deep falling, is it happening now, crypto market collapse ?
  18. burden

    Bitcoin & altcoins on the rise again...

    bitcoin up almost 43000 euro all other altcoins rising. Is this Putins work?
  19. bizman

    Can we discuss Bitcoin and CRS ?

    Say I have a wallet with never given KYC or any private information at all, all well hided behind endless IP'S and proxies. How the hell will they be able to exchange tax information based on the coins I have in my wallet?
  20. James Spader

    Kraken Platform Review

    If there is one constant in the vast, ongoing, cryptocurrency exchange war, it’s this fact: Kraken is a big dog. Despite fierce competition from feature-rich Coinbase and Binance, Kraken remains a force to be reckoned with due to its large crypto asset catalog, numerous other attractive...