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  1. tacokai

    Entire crypto market seems very volatile in this time!

    Does anyone else noted how the crypto market goes up and down especially the Ethereum and Bitcoin? It was not like that last year in January as far as I remember
  2. boomy

    Stellar (XLM) what Banks and Organisations will use it?

    Everyone is talking about Stellar (XLM) as a game changer and replacement for Ripple/XRP but what make this coin so attractive to investors? Considering to invest a few thousands in this coin I would like to understand what makes it valuable over other coins?
  3. SoNewToAllShit

    What is wrong in CryptoLand, Bitcoin low -16,7% !!

    Does someone know what is wrong in Crypto Land? The last week or more bitcoins has fallen from 41K highs to almost 31K low today, insane!! Does someone know if this has to do with the new US President Joe Biden?
  4. PaulKruger

    Anchorage Electronic Money Institution becomes first Crypto Bank!

    Anchorage Digital Bank becomes the first cryptocurrency bank in the USA, regulated by the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC) They become the first national digital asset bank (cryptocurrency bank) in the U.S. What do you think, will the USA be the first mover again in...
  5. myshufflemix

    A New Dawn for the XLM (Stellar) Community

    I got this in my mailbox today but I really don't understand what does it mean for Stellar (XML) anything that is good and will rise the rate for this coin? My hope is someone here is able to explain more o_O
  6. blizz

    Any better site then Coindesk, with faster market updates?

    I wonder if there is a good website that instantly update with market news? I mean, as a amateur investor in crypto looking at the crypto market going down with almost 10K over a few hours it is frustrating not to be able to read about what is going on. How can one learn to get a better feeling...
  7. ImKing

    Cryptoland is going down, world on fire!

    Over the last 24 hours the entire crypto market is down with more than 15% Anyone know what the hell is going on there? I just bought 4K Stellar and yesterday it went the wrong way and I lost 20% with a finger snip, damn I hate these up and downs all the time. Do you think this is the end...
  8. lory

    Stellar ( XLM ) do you think it will go above 5$ ?

    I have read that IBM among a few other major fortune 500 companies are behind the coin, now I was wondering what do you think is this coin exploding in the near future to new all time high's or will it get into the same trouble as Ripple / XRP does? I consider to put a few thousand dollars into...
  9. boomy

    bitcoin jumping around 40,000US$ and back 37,700 USD, why?

    Today bitcoin reached all times highs 40K US$ now it is hammered back to 37,7K US$ does someone know what is going on here? It looks very volatile the market at the moment, wonder if the crypto market is going back to zero shortly?
  10. sonato

    What is the hole and true story about people flee from Coinbase?

    I read small pieces here and there that Coinbase is going to report their customers to the tax offices around the globe, starting the 31 of January 2021 . So far so good, but I don't know why people leave coinbase for this reason and what the entire story is, someone able to explain that to me?
  11. PaulKruger

    What do you trust the most Binance Coin or Stellar?

    Do you trust Stellar more than Binance Coin or what are your thoughts about it right now? Assuming Binance Coin is owned by the worlds biggest Exchange Chinese Binance?
  12. burden

    Ethereum network fee at Coinbase $39?

    I can send ethereum to another wallet from Exodus and Ledger for almost nothing but from coinbase I get charged $39 in network fees? How comes it is that hight?
  13. burden

    Ethereum up 1100 US$ insane!

    Does someone notice Ethereum to be up 1100 US$ today, what can we expect?
  14. myshufflemix

    Bitcoin 34000 US$ as of today!

    WTF Bitcoin reached 34,000 US$ per coin! What do you think, when will the big drop come or do you believe it will just continue up until it reaches 50K, 60K or even more? Reading from coindesk they explained the high demand of bitcoins comes from Institutions while in 2017 it was from noobs...
  15. fanban

    Need exchange fro BTC to USDC without verification?

    Does some know a reliable exchange where I can exchange BTC to USDC without verification documents provided (KYC documents) ? I need something that is cheap and fast in exchanging from bitcoin to the usdc. Need to be something we can trust and is reliable, like Exodus!
  16. fanban

    Tether (USDT) vs USD Coin (USDC)!

    I have been searching for the most stable and reliable coin for all my bitcoins I want to put on hold with the current rate. Reading the thread from last year here on the forum where Admin asked weather Tether is reliable or not I made a Google search and found the below link. For me, USD Coin...
  17. AMD

    Bittrex to Delist ‘Privacy Coins’ Monero, Dash and Zcash

    It amazes me a lot that no one has mentioned this yet. It is the first Crypto Exchange to delist completely anonymous cryptocoins such as Monero, Dash and Zcash. The authorities simply demand transparency in the future. In addition, all Americans with a holdings over 10K US $ in crypto must...
  18. pesto

    Today bitcoin reached all time high 29,000 US$ - !!BANG!!

    Did anyone noticed it already. I can tell you it will be a hell of a New Party in my home rof/%
  19. cyprusbanker

    What is the best hardware cryptocurrency wallet?

    Title says it already, what is the best hardware cryptocurrency wallet I can buy online and is shipped worldwide? Looking at Ledger it has a very shitty interface UI - I don't know Trezor but it looks like the same. Is there anything very easy to use?
  20. SoNewToAllShit

    Exodus wallet on iPad or PC - both disconnected?

    I know some of you have lot's of knowledge, if a Trezor or Ledger hardware wallet is not an option for any reason, would you recommend a Exodus.io wallet to be installed on iPad or PC - both will nothing have installed else the OS and will be disconnected from the Internet when not used. What...
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