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  1. lavel

    kraken - 24 hours to receive BTC still not received!!

    I send some coins from my wallet to kraken which I wanted to exchange to fiat. they still not arrived, I made several transfers BTC's some before and some after the missing two transfers, they arrived but the two didn't. I send kraken a ticket to get answers with all traceable information but...
  2. PaulKruger

    Best book, crypto for dummies, which one to buy?

    Which book or e-book have you learned the most from? I'm considering a few and one of them is the one below: https://www.amazon.com/Cryptocurrency-Trading-Complete-Beginners-Investing/dp/B07BNQD57L/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&qid=1618028550&refinements=p_27%3ACrypto+Tech+Academy&s=books&sr=1-3
  3. lavel

    Which stablecoin if market crash?

    What stablecoin would you suggest if you want to protect your investment right now and put it in an stablecoin in case the BTC and ETH crash? Is there historical any coin you can point on that didn't got hurt by a crypto market crash?
  4. sonato

    WARNING - THIS IS FRAUD crypterium.com read the entire thread!

    I want to ask if anyone else is experiencing huge delays in page load and load of services with the wallet provider crypterium.com ? crypterium.com For instant you click on Crypto to Fiat Services and it takes at least 1 minute before the page loads, regardless what you are doing on this...
  5. fanban

    Stellar and XML network slow for exchange!

    Wonder what course Stellar network to be slow, it seems it is almost suspended!
  6. lavel

    Signed up with crypto.com how to get the debit card?

    I signed up for crypto.com and choose the low budget card "blue card" but it still show pending, do I have to load my account with some money before they send the debit card?
  7. tacokai

    ALTCOIN to Bitcoin Gold = €300+ just by exchange?

    Why do I get €95 when I exchange from any ALTCOIN €85 to Bitcoin Gold, what is the catch? I tried to exchange 3100 EURO from ETH to Bitcoin Gold and it say I will get 3450 in BTC Gold, means I can make 350 euro in a few minutes just by exchanging forth and back? Can anyone explain to me what...
  8. tacokai

    Which Crypto Visa or MC card if not crypto.com ?

    I'm looking at a new account where I can deposit some of my cryptos and spend them using a debit card either Visa or MC doesn't matter. The problem with crypto.com is that it will take you 180 days before you can apply for a debit card as I understand it, now I seek an alternative where I can...
  9. fanban

    What dump Canadian has provided kyc to a crypto exchange?

    I read today that crypto exchange Coinsquare ordered to hand thousands of customers' records to Canadian tax agency!!! https://www.coindesk.com/coinsquare-canada-tax-customer-records I'm asking my self what dump fuck has provided KYC to an exchange and is not reporting his cryptos, is this...
  10. P

    As an US resident I did everything wrong... how to fix my TAX situation?

    This is my situation: I never declared any taxes ever in my 10+ years of legal residence in the US. I had been relatively poor most of that time, working for my extended family in the US. My bank account had always less than 10K USD and my coinbase account has always had less than 10K USD (until...
  11. lavel

    Coinbase Commerce again, sucked my €20!

    Yesterday I thought to empty my coinbase wallet for ethereum money, I had only €20 in there and they allowed me to withdraw it to my kraken account. Anyway, I got a confirmation that the transfer was made, in the account it also shows it is send but it never arrived (that's 24 hours by now) at...
  12. D

    Brainstorming Crypto Structures to Circumvent Offshore Clampdown

    Situation as of 2021: FATCA (USA automatic snitching) CRS (all non-USA automatic snitching) EU's DAC6 (financial consultant relating to EU automatic snitching of suggested offshore structures and tax optimisation strategies) Mandatory beneficiary owner declaration (required by all financial...
  13. Admin

    Top 3 Best Wallets & Exchanges With Quick Verification Procedures

    Buying cryptocurrency is something everyone wants to get involved with, but most people have no idea where to start. In theory, the job is fairly simple – register for a cryptocurrency wallet or exchange and get buying. In practice, you will face a series of potential complications that could...
  14. EliasIT

    Where can I lookup or research on a coin if it suddenly rise 40% ?

    I have often seen a cryptocoin exploding from one hour to the next with say 20,50 and even 100% but I have never found a source where I can lookup why this coin is just out of the blue exploding like it does. Where are you guys looking?
  15. EliasIT

    I have 40K in USD-C and want to exchange it but..?

    As the title say, I have 40K euro in USD-C coins and want to exchange them into something better more reliable. However, the Ledger Live system keep telling me I have insufficient funds in Ethereum (have 200 euro there) to exchange this amount. Now I wonder, is it cheaper to exchange them is...
  16. pesto

    Can you predict the next jump on Etherum?

    I want to know if someone of you can predict if Ethereum will rise again to 2K in the near (very near) future?
  17. lory

    Booom cryptoland is crashing!

    Damn the coins are falling :D What is going on in crypto- shitland?
  18. Admin

    Everything You Need To Know About Stablecoins – General Guidance & Tether Vs. USDC Vs. DAI

    Released in 2009, Bitcoin brought in a new alternative to flat currencies. People gained a new perspective on what making a payment could mean. Plenty of cryptocurrencies have hit the market since then. People use them to pay for products or services, make transactions all over the world, invest...
  19. uplana

    How to make recurring for an adult site with crypto?

    Is there any possible way to make recurring payments with cryptocurrency or do we have to wait a few years before this is going to be possible?
  20. boomy

    What's your thoughts about DAI ?

    From another thread I learned about stablecoin DAI link was provided by user @JackAlabama - thank you. What are your thoughts, would you trust it also if everything goes bad in the cryptocurrency market? I mean if they all fall will this stablcoin keep it's price?
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