1. milkyway

    Question Best Jurisdiction for Crypto trading bot platform? Who would you recommend to assist in company formation?

    Hi All awe¤""%, I'm so glad I've discovered this forum. This is my first post; with this post, I wish to introduce what I am doing and ask for some advice. My team and I have spent the last year creating a very efficient and low-priced cryptocurrency trading bot platform; users can connect...
  2. clemens

    What is the best cryptocurrency platform?

    For beginners, what is the best cryptocurrency platform? I know there is kraken, exodus and FTX who all are easy to use. The more advance cryptocurrency trading platforms are binance and similar. Which one do you prefer ?
  3. A

    Refugee trader inquiry

    Due to ongoing madness of Russian government I chose to move out (basiaclly escape) of Russia (where I made my living as a stock trader) to Europe (due to family reasons to a progressive tax country) and to my surpise I discovered that trading is quite tricky in the EU. Many Russian banks offer...
  4. D

    Bank Account for Gibraltar Company (Trading)

    I am currently looking to setup a bank account for a company I have incorporated in Gibraltar. I am a trader and trade a whole bunch of different markets including futures, crypto and currencies. I'm wondering if anyone who is in the same field as myself has had any success in opening an...
  5. A

    Setting up a crypto trading business in the BVI

    Hi all, I am considering incorporating a BVI entity for an existing cryptocurrency business. Currently, I have an Ltd in the UK but the regulatory burden for conducting business in the UK is high. Therefore, I am looking into setting up an entity offshore. The business will be involved in...
  6. A

    Is investing/trading on a tourist visa open to interpretation?

    Let's say I go to Thailand on a tourist visa and sell my Apple shares because of a market crash (or insert reason here). What if I buy some Tesla? (yeah, I know I know….). What if I go for 90 days and do this 5 times…….or 10…or maybe 20? If, however, I lived in Thailand on a Thai Elite visa...
  7. goodvibes8

    Trading strategy buy and sell same Price

    Hi guys, i need some hedging strategy that let me open 2 order (buy and sell ) at the exact same Price every time that i want ... Any idea ? Thank you Example : buy 1.1867 sell 1.1867
  8. P

    Question LLC or Structure to trade Crypto with KYC/AML

    I want to trade crypto freely but i don't want to be exposed with KYC/AML procedures, i am NOT interested in any fiat-banking, just trading crypto with USDT, USDC and altcoins, are there any solutions for it, i know there are DEXes but honestly the liquidity is terrible. Thanks in advance.
  9. goodvibes8

    South Korean Friend

    Hi guys! Thank you for this amazing forum. I’m searching a South Korean friend for doing Kimchi Premium Trading. Anyone available? gain 50/50
  10. A2xTrad

    Offshore trading company + broker setup

    Hi everyone, I've been trading stock/options for more than 10 years now as side hobby, and have pretty decent performance over the pervious years. I'm thinking about a setup to do this more "professionally", being able to accept some people funds (not mandatory but big plus), and obviously...
  11. C

    Cyprus Non-Dom trading profits

    Hi! A non dom in Cyprus is willing to cash out of profits from trading (not crypto, just ordinary stocks). The funds were made via a personal account and will probably be cashed out into that same account. The platform used for trading is IBKR. Any suggestions to optimize the process?
  12. E

    Question Creating an offshore corp for stock holding, trading and transfer.

    I apologize if this has been discussed before. Maybe it will seem like a naive question: Imagine a scenario: Let's say an individual (non-US person) is holding ETFs and cash assets at stock brokers and crypto exchanges in his name (as an individual). Goal is to transfer these holdings (ETFs...
  13. N

    Netherlands no tax on trading besides NAV tax?

    Hi, I'm moving to NL and saw that they tax Net worth instead of capital gains at an effective rate of 1.2%. I make around 1000 trades a year, if I hold down a job which pays less than my net worth increase, will I still be able to just pay the 1,2%? In most countries there would be a cutoff at...
  14. F

    Trading Tax related issue!

    Hello, i am a citizen of 2 counties, 1 CRS with tax on capital gain and another non CRS with no tax, however i am currently a resident of the CRS country. The plan is not to withdraw my profit from my forex trading account, until i move to the non CRS country and revoke the CRS as my tax base...
  15. F

    jurisdiction for crypto trading

    Good Day! We want to set up a crypto trading company. We trade on top crypto exchanges: binance, bitfinex, bitmex, kraken and other as private persons. We make arbitrage and algorithmic strategies. We have no clients and we don’t plan to provide any services. So our business model is to do...
  16. A

    EMI/Offshore Bank suggestions for high volume btc trading?

    Hi i should start off by saying I'm new to offshorecorptalk & still wrapping my head around some of the concepts you guys are probably familiar with. I trade fairly high volumes of btc via localbitcoins (around 50-100k euros monthly) however i run into banking problems all the time for example...
  17. Almouk

    Best countries to reduce taxes for traders as only source of income

    I am a citizen from an EU country. I want to trade under my name, being trading my only source of income. No other Jobs involved. No intrested at first in set up a company or other structures. Np problema at all for stay over 183 days in an EU country. I have the purpose of trade...
  18. C

    Is it possible to operate an offshore company while avoiding corporate tax residency in the UK?

    Hi, I'm a crypto trader in the UK and I would like to setup an offshore company in a zero corp tax jurisdiction. I don't mind paying income/dividend tax in my home country but I would like some control over what my taxable income in the UK is i.e. I don't want to be taxed on the entirety of my...
  19. R

    Cryptocurrency Magazines

    To become truly successful, you NEVER can stop learning, but often it’s not exactly that easy to do so. Therefore, the ideal way is to stay up with the market and keep eye on regular happening. With wanting to do that, it is Cryptocurrency Magazines that comes to mind as the EASY source to do...
  20. I

    Tools for trade

    Hello, i m looking for someone who's trading well, my goal is to make tools who could help you and me. I made some program for betting on sport, unfortunately when you win booker kick you out ! I can provide screen of some tools that I made, and result I got. I don't have time for learn...