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  1. OJ333

    Virtual Bank Account For UAE (RAKICC) Company

    Hello, I would like to ask those of you who have experience to point me to a good virtual bank account (think Transferwise borderless before they closed down for UAE) for a company registered in the RAKICC register from UAE (it's address is in Dubai). So far, I have experience with: -...
  2. B

    Offshore Company in RAK zone UAE + Bank account help

    Hey everyone, a friend of mine currently sells items on Amazon and eBay, I have been speaking with a company in the UAE that have suggested I open a RAK Company with the cost for company formation and bank account opening assistance at approximately £1,800 and then a yearly fee of £1000, the...
  3. M

    UAE residence visa cheapest option

    Hi, what is the best option to get UAE residency and open a bank account and not stay all time in UAE maybe visit once a year? witbout having to rent an appartement all year. is gofreelance.ae an option for 3 years visa? most my work is freelancing online but i dont make 5k a month.
  4. M

    Frelance licence UAE Bank account ?

    Hello, I’ve just got a freelance licence in the UAE.. I need to travel to Abu Dhabi to get the establishment card and Emirate ID... but it’s so difficult for me to travel in the next few weeks/months. I need to send few invoices and must have a bank account attached to the UAE free-lance...
  5. GendalfB

    Question Crypto to fiat cash out

    Hello everyone. I have couple of banks in mind (Swiss and UAE) to set up account. Main purpose - cash out crypto to fiat. What is better: 1 - to be proactive and discuss with bank main purpose, show all the proof of legality of my crypto, solve all the possible questions upfront. To prevent...
  6. GendalfB

    Crypto-friendly banks in UAE

    Hello everyone! I’ve received Emirates residency and looking for crypto-friendly bank in UAE to set up account. Despite I can provide proof of legality of my crypto and fiat funds there was information that not all UAE banks like transfers to/from cryptocurrency exchanges for whatever reason...
  7. Z

    EMI account for a UAE business

    Which EMI do you recommend for a UAE business (SHAMS or IFZA)? Transferwise stopped supporting UAE entities!
  8. M

    UAE Bank account

    Hi there, I have a residence visa in UAE, I need to open personal bank accounts there. I want to know if the banking app shows the full debit card number in the app itself? I have a ENBD bank account and they censor some numbers of card. Actually I have to change my card every few weeks...
  9. 4br

    Personal Bank Account for UAE Residents

    I am researching the following: - setting up a Dubai free zone company, with visa and Emirates ID - setting up a corporate bank account for the above entity - purchasing an apartment or home in Dubai Before I would make the last step I would like to get a personal bank account in The UAE. Does...
  10. orangeye

    Bank Account in Cyprus or UAE?

    It's been a long time since I've been around offshorecorptalk - great place, waow. I am looking for a bank account for our Swedish company that runs Internet trading. To make things a little easier for us, we are thinking of setting up a company with a bank account either in Cyprus or in the...
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