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  1. L

    I need a UK company formation agent or Someone that accepts BTC for non-resident

    I am trying to setup a UK company with Transfer-wise but my local card keeps getting declined on most of the websites like 1stformations etc. Is there any website i can use that accept crypto payment or is there a way to get a UK VCC and fund with BTC. Thanks
  2. O

    Do i have to pay taxes for the money in my tansferwise business? and does transferwise count as a real bank ?

    Hi , i'm not a uk citizen and i want to open a company in Uk to open a stripe acc and a transferwise acc to start dropshipping . My question is does transferwise business count as a normal real bank account ? And do i have to pay taxes on the money entering transferwise ? if the answer is yes ...
  3. K

    Issues with transferwise, looking for alternatives

    Long story short, transferwise decided to close both my business and personal accounts beginning of July, just as I was about to receive huge client payments too... after messaging them for weeks they finally replied back saying they will return the money, BUT only to a bank account with the...
  4. L

    UK Payment Processing for HK Ltd.

    Hi, before I check with my lawyer, I what to ask you for your opinion and maybe also practical experience/hassles with the following setup: I do with a partner EU dropshipping with an HK Ltd. We are both EU passport holders but have non-EU residences in southeast Asia. That means also that we...
  5. G

    Best high risk payment processor for my dropshipping site(Uk Company(EU Citizen)

    Hi everyone :D I own A uk company and im a EU citizen. and i am wondering if anyone here know about a high risk payment processor for my dropshipping website, i want to sell clothes from aliexpress. i want to accept credit cards get paid, cashout to bank account to like (transferwise.com...
  6. Z

    UK company with fake darks?

    Hi, I want some clarifications about creating a UK company with fake darks? any experienced with that? I'm not from The EU or US, I can get fake UK identity: passport, national identity card, utility bill and bank statement This setup is for payment processing purpose, I don't want to create...
  7. U

    How to Verify PayPal account for UK offshore company

    Hello, I'm from Tunisia and I want to start my online store, but paypal, stripe and 2checkout didn't support my country so after a long time of research I found solution to create and verify paypal using UK formation company but before to setup it I have some questions that need clarification ...
  8. jakonda

    Selling a Company

    Hello my friends! I hope you are doing alright during xmas shopping frenzy. What actions are required if a person want to sell a fully functional company (I am not sure if I can give more details here, because I don't want to be accused of making free ads). My main goal is to get some insights...
  9. Nanoo

    Profit + Tax of a UK Ltd on public records?

    Will the Profit + Tax return of a UK LTD company be available on public records (company house)? If yes, can we hide it by contacting company house?
  10. V

    Recommendations needed

    Hi to all. I work for a cleaning company that covers London only and we are facing a lot of taxes as the company is registered in the UK. We are looking for some offshore solutions to this problem so I wish to ask the experts here what would you recommend? All the workers are contractors with...
  11. B

    Offshore company NEEDED for e-business. + merchant account + PP or Stripe

    Hey guys, I am looking for a jurisdiction where to form a new business for tax reasons. Me and my partner are Ukrainians, and my partner is resident in Italy. We are about to launch our online shop (shopify) with jewelry line that will further expand into original clothing. The business is...
  12. Dubsize

    U.K Corporate tax for non resident

    Hi All, planning on opening a U.K LTD - what's the corporate tax rate if you're a "non-resident company" ? basically, I'm not a U.K citizen neither a resident. I have a European citizenship Which U.K bank would be keen to open for me both a corporate account and a personal account ? anyone...
  13. jakonda

    What to do ? (Can't open a business bank acc.)

    Hi guys it's been a while since I visited your forum. Well, I am in a strange position and loosing patience - to cut long story short - I am an "EU citizen" and have set up a company in the UK (ltd.). Right now I am desperately looking for some solutions to open business bank account. Company...
  14. J


    Dear Auditors, We need to know the different between LP and LLP in terms of Taxation. or on the other hands what about taxation in UK for non-resident and non- citizen of UK. Thank you
  15. J

    Tax exemption in HK/UK

    Dear all, How to proof to the authority that we are operating out of HK/UK. in order to get tax exemption? in another words, how to get tax exception from HK/UK company? Thanks
  16. J

    Is UK tax free or 20% on profits?

    Dear Gurus, Usually agents trying to misleading you establishing an off shore company in UK. one agent said it is a tax free 2nd agent said it is a 20% Would you please explain us where is the truth?
  17. J

    UK VS Scotland VS Marshal Island VS Vanuatu VS HK

    Dear gurus Let us share our expertise to find the best jurisdiction for 1. Easy to operate without license 2. Easy to maintain 3. bank friendly 4. cost
  18. J

    UK business activity without license's

    Dear All, Curious on which company activity we could have in order to operate without License in UK. Please share your thoughts and opinions?
  19. blizz

    I want to avoid to charge VAT from my local company, how?

    Hello, My plan is to incorporate a company in Europe somewhere where it is cheap and where it looks legit. I consider a UK company registered with darks to avoid anyone to trace it back to me! However, I see that it has to go to the HMRC in the UK in order to get a VAT number and where they...
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