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  1. turmpy

    Differences and Advantages of US LLC vs. S Corp?

    I have read quite a bit about US LLCs and S Corps, but I simply can't figure out what the difference is between the two? And what are the advantages?
  2. W

    US LLC + territorial tax country -> cashout to hk/sg personal bank account

    Would it be possible to, 1.Setup US non resident LLC + corporate banking infra to cashout crypto holdings. 2.Establish tax residency in a territorial tax country (Taiwan) 3.Remit from US corporate account to a personal bank account either in HK or SG. Would this work for someone that...
  3. M

    US LLC + territorial tax

    I see many people recommending a setup where you have a US LLC + live in a territorial tax country and then pay 0% tax while getting all the benefits of having an American company. But where exactly would that be? It's easy to find a list of these territorial tax countries but it seems like...
  4. Gnarlygnar

    E-commerce, HK + US LLC

    Hi All, I am establishing my e-commerce business and need some guidance regarding the structuring of my business. I intend to use an already registered Hong Kong Limited company as the exclusive owner of a US LLC, which will serve as the front company. Our inventory will be sourced from the...
  5. M

    European Nomad IT Contractor - residing in 'naughty' country + tax resident of nowhere - UK LLP -> US LLC setup

    Hi! I'm new here, amazing resource! I currently reside in a cheap, low cost, low tax, 'dodgy/naughty' country in Eastern Europe (outside EU). I will either be a tax resident of said Eastern European country, or nowhere (as I travel often). I do remote IT Contracting with end clients based in...
  6. P

    Renounced US Citizenship, living in Paraguay, eCommerce setup with a business partner

    As the title states, I'm an ex-US citizen who moved to Paraguay and now wants to setup a Shopify store (private label apparel) with a business partner who's also living in Paraguay. The store will sell mostly to US customers. I don't think my biz partner and I can set up a US LLC and have pass...
  7. N

    EU citizen registered US LLC, how to get bank account?

    EU citizen looking to start legitimate business in US. Registered the LLC in Florida, got the EIN number. Got a US legal address for the LLC. EU citizen has no legal residential address or SSN in United States though. Banks are refusing to open account for the said Florida LLC due to the fact...
  8. JohnLocke

    Form 5472 + 1120 for LLCs Explained & Top Other Forms You’ll Most Likely Need to File

    Planning to start an LLC (Limited Liability Company) in the USA? You better get ready to deal with one of the most bureaucratic systems in the world. At first, it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed with the wide variety of forms and requirements in terms of paperwork, but once you get used...
  9. D

    US LLC - CYPRUS NON-DOM best structure for digital nomads?

    Hello all, first of all, thanks a lot @CyprusBusiness @Sols @CyprusLaw @CyprusLawyer101 @Marzio and all the other who gave a really good advice on Cyprus taxes in the forum. I own a US LLC (online business – which taxes 0% in the US), I just landed in Cyprus with the intension of being a...
  10. C

    UK LLP with US shareholder & US LLC

    Hi Working on a new venture here and bringing on a partner, who is a “US person”. Two branches - one US, one UK. One shareholder based in Dubai and another in Texas. Possibly a third based elsewhere depending on our negotiations, but got a few concerns specifically about having someone in US...
  11. SaaS

    Did you try Panama Private Foundation as Holding?

    If you have experience with using panama private foundation as a holding company for US LLC and UK LTD please share and give advice, how was getting bank account for LLC and LTD? Also what about EIN and Forms 5420 and 1120? Thanks
  12. carlosbl

    Question EMI for non-res US LLC with UAE resident director/shareholder?

    Hello everyone, I'd like to inquire about the possibility of obtaining an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) account for a non-resident US LLC with a director and shareholder who is resident of the UAE and holds European nationality. Could you please provide some options for EMIs that would be...
  13. N

    Any experts on taxation of non resident UK LTD/LPP or US LLC?

    Hi I am a non resident of UK and US, currently what I need is to optimize my taxable income personally and via my present company in my country. So what I currently also need is for this new formed company to have access to services like PP/Stripe, Wise business acount as well. Starting in 2023...
  14. T

    Going to the U.S to open a business bank account

    Hi all - I have a U.S LLC incorporated in Delaware since 2019. I am a non U.S resident/ nor citizen. So far, I've been using a mix of EMI and Neo bank to receive money from my clients and it has been working pretty well. However, I am flying to the U.S in a few month and I would like to take...
  15. N

    Thailand LTR + US LLC

    The Thailand LTR visa applications kicked in this month. I am researching possible combination of Thai LTR and US LLC for tax optimization purposes. From talking to some people living in Thailand on Golden Visas and running similar setup with US LLC, seems like it is quite reasonable approach...
  16. V

    US LLC for European citizen and resident in Europe

    Hi, I'm launching an online business (Software as a Service) in the country that I'm natural and reside in. I've setup an US LLC in Delaware, my customers will be all from outside of the US, so I will not be taxed in the US. The US LLC will be commanded from the country where I reside and my...
  17. clemens

    Which is the best online company to create an LLC in the USA?

    I want to know which online company / agent you have been using and was the best for you to setup your US LLC ? I speak about costs, easyness and reliability! please list the company.
  18. R

    US LLC for e-commerce with focus on privacy/protection (non-res)

    Posting again as original thread somehow got deleted. If the previous posters could comment then that’d be much appreciated. Im looking to form a US LLC (probably Wyoming) for protection/anonymity. Not looking to evade any taxes in home country etc. The purpose of creating a US LLC would be...
  19. JohnLocke

    How to Make Your Delaware Company Tax Free – Full Guide, Tips & Tricks

    Incorporating in the USA seems like a bad idea at a first glance. Most entrepreneurs would rather focus on low tax jurisdictions – in fact, if you play your cards right, you might be able to avoid tax at all, without even breaking the law. However, the USA does have some advantages and some...
  20. JohnLocke

    How to Protect Your Retirement Money With an Offshore IRA LLC

    While saving for retirement is the norm, the truth is more and more people turn to diversify their assets in order to avoid depending on the government. After all, by the retirement age, there is not much you can do to get back on track, so you truly depend on a bunch of rich individuals. If...