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  1. C

    [Important] US LLC -> UAE Resident SETUP

    Hello everyone, I have read many threads on this topic but never found the specific answer so I decided to create this thread because I think it can be helpful to many. I would like to ask a question regarding this setup. I did a consulting with international tax planner. Business model: B2C...
  2. T

    Risk of using an employer of records (EOR)

    Hi everyone, I'm a business owner with a company based in the U.S., but I currently reside in Europe. I'm exploring the possibility of using an EOR (Employer of Record) to help manage my employment status in the European country where I reside. I would like to hire myself to have a local...
  3. Creocree

    Mentor Group Gold - AD Thread! Companies with EMI for sale (100% Anonymous)

    1. UK LTD with EMI + BUSINESS VISA (100% Anonymous) You get: Incorporation documents, UTR number, Memorandum & Articles Scanned nominee documents (Real not fake): Passport + utility bills. European director and shareholder UK phone number, additional KYC available. Available: Additional EMI...
  4. D

    Question Catch in getting EIN with SEC confirmation letter?

    What can the catch be about that? They issue EIN and confirmation letter from SEC within a few days. Can it be done - or a scam? There are hundreds of positive reviews. Can I get a bank account with that - or will it be taken over by issuer of EIN? Or what about the government? These are...
  5. clemens

    Which is the best online company to create an LLC in the USA?

    I want to know which online company / agent you have been using and was the best for you to setup your US LLC ? I speak about costs, easyness and reliability! please list the company.
  6. Basilia

    Wyaoming LLC. Non-Resident (online business). No taxes? Controversy!!!

    Wyaoming LLC / Non-Resident from Russia / 1 member. Online business. No office, no employees, no permanent partners in the US. Customers from all over the world, including the US (or example mostly in the US). Doesn't want to go to jail or get in trouble with the IRS. We have two theories, two...
  7. iarmst

    USA LLC and Cyprus non-dom. What taxes?

    Hi there, I am currently tax resident in Spain, working as a software engineer (clients in the UK), and set up legitimately as an 'autonomo' in Spain (self-employed). The taxes stack up at about 35% so not great. I do a lot of travelling and some years I'm lucky to get more than 6 or 7 months in...
  8. metronic

    Cyprus holding + USA LLC

    hey guys, I was wondering how Cyprus would see the income coming from a USA LLC. would it be seen as dividends or as dividends or as a regular (salary) income? if so, would Cyprus holding company owning the USA LLC help with that? (since the holding would own the company the profits would go to...
  9. DunningKruger

    USA LLC with Mercury.com bank account & Crypto

    Hello guys, This is my first message here. Any body used/tested Mercury.com USD account which owner by a WY LLC (Non-US Resident company) receive/send to Crypto exchanges ? And also which crypto exchange is perfect with mercury.com (If mercury crypto firendly) Or any US Bank account and crypto...
  10. F

    US LLC and Dubai Resident

    Good morning everybody! I have the following setup: - Dubai resident with a Fujairah company (have company bank account, not personal bank account) - First LLC in WY with Mercury bank account - Second LLC in Florida with 2 local bank accounts in two different banks (opened by traveling there)...
  11. metronic

    Foreign owned single member USA llc

    hello guys, I had a few questions about the usa LLC since I wanted to set one up for collecting payments from clients. all my clients are mainly from usa, would that mean that I would be taxed in usa as well since the money is coming in from within the country ? (meaning would this be treated...
  12. T

    Eur bank account for USA LLC

    Hello, I need a EUR bank account/EMI for my USA LLC. This account must not be restricted to SEPA payment, it must support wire from outside Europe - No Payoneer. TW - Borderless was great, but they closed my account after 2 years. TW no longer an option. I am basically looking for a TW...
  13. B

    Account for UK LTD,HK LTD , USA LLC

    I need help and advice from the experts out there. I have formed following companies aiming my 2020 business goals. UK Ltd Company HK Ltd Company USA LLC single member I live in China, holding Pakistan and Caribbean passports. I have struggled to get anything sorted for most of 2020 and gave up...