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I don't even think you'll find anything in mentor group gold that can help you with this project; it's outright illegal, and I suppose the only ones who will offer you a solution are those from whom you won't get any money anyway.

There were some players in mentor group gold at one point who apparently could handle placing anything, so it might be worth a try.
You're asking for a dream scenario from 2010 - back then, it was still possible to set up your company with one of the many payment processors quite anonymously if you knew how to do it. Today, it requires so much more, as you can also read about in Mentor Group Gold if you're interested in this.

The simple answer is no, you cannot find any anonymous credit payment solution for your business in 2024 - it's forbidden, and due to all the insane regulations that have been and are coming into this market, it's not possible - a payment processor would receive a gigantic fine and possibly risk prison time depending on the severity of the issue in the company.