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Hi, I'm new to this.

If i assign a personal assistant or local USA attorney to "represent" my corporation (LLC) as it is purchasing land, a company vehicle, etc, how do we assure the seller or realtor that this "frontman"(who gives me anonymity, instead of me personally contacting the seller or signing any documents, so it can't be used as evidence that I'm in "control" of that LLC) was approved of and given rights, by the Manager/Director, to make the purchase or sale (or would it be the Reg Agent who grants approval for such a "frontman," or to fire one frontman and hire a new frontman?) or to formally state in writing that the "frontman," is ASSIGNED WITH RIGHTS TO MAKE The EACH TYPE OF PURCHASE (OR SALES OF ASSETS), to represent the Corporation in such a deal (and for a particular sales-price)?

Does buying a rubber stamp or raised-seal have anything to do with this? Or should I get a letter from the Belize attorney or registered agent when the LLC is formed, describing the types of assets which the local USA personal assistant (or should I always use a USA attorney because then they're protected (by attorney-client privilege) from being forced to disclose that I'm in "control" of the company?) it's authorized to buy or sell?

Creating the LLC:
Is Payment to form a corporation made more anonymous by using any forms of payment instead of a credited(is Western Union more anonymous?) or is "what u paid them for" always protected by attorney-client privilege anyway?


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From reading your thread I believe you need to consult someone professional to clarify your personal situation for you and your business. Just saying, you can also wait and see what other replies you may get here.
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