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A good wife/partner should definitely learn how to keep your mouth shut!


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Sep 17, 2009
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With this age of computers, freedom of speech and most especially Women's Rights, learning to shut-up is definitely an issue on gender sensitivity.

But I have come to realize that more conflicts would have been solved if we just learned to shut up for once in our lives. I may be speaking on my own here, but it has come a long way for me (when I do have the will to shut up and listen).

Do you think learning to just close your mouth could truly make a relationship last longer?

Do you know how to shut up?

For guys, would you love for women to learn to shut up as well? hehehe..
Really very interesting topic that you have posted here.The theory of closing mouth for longer relationship may works well for some certain period of time and age.But after expiry it may turn worse.For shake of relationship and to avoid conflicts,it is the responsibility of both partners to keep mouth closed whenever there is an hot argument.All should learn this art of living.
I completly agree with you. I have noticed that sometimes husband and wife have fight in a small matter but if any of them dont shut their mouth, the fight goes on and on and it gives the worst result. In married life, sometimes one person need to shut up just to avoid big fights. Doesnt matter wife is shutting up her mouth or a husband does.

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