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The philosophy behind OffshoreCorpTalk.com is similar to that of John Locke


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Dec 29, 2008
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The philosophy behind OffshoreCorpTalk.com is similar to that of John Locke, who lived in 1632:
Every man has property in his own person.

In today’s world, it seems as if the private sphere has begun to shrink. Almost automatically, the things you do or think are shared with the masses. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and more log all your data and sell it to corporations and authorities who have, shall we say, less than savory intentions.

Unfortunately, Google does the same thing with data regarding your searches and online activity.

Perhaps an even worse situation in our world is that it seems you cannot have money in the bank without it costing you fees.

The world is governed by people who want to control your life, even your private financial life (and, yes, even your business). Everything is of interest to the authorities; everything must be stored, logged, and analyzed in minute detail. No individual is anonymous anymore — with few exceptions.

That’s no way for a human being to live.
What has become of liberalism and the love of the freedom we humans should have been born with?
This question has long occupied Brian Larsson’s attention. He knew that there had to be a focus on freedom and privacy when he bought the OffshoreCorpTalk.com forum in 2016. He wanted to run his business in peace and quiet without having to account to the public authorities or others who have an interest in monitoring our society.

That is why he created OffshoreCorpTalk.com, breathing new life and new purpose into the forum. Already established in 2009 by CCLOGIC, a consultancy that helps mediate businesses who need professional assistance such as tax advice, anonymity, and much more, the forum was the perfect medium.

When Brian Larsson got the opportunity to buy the forum, he jumped at the chance and quickly renamed it to OffshoreCorpTalk.com. His hope is that the platform will be this new era’s beacon for John Locke’s philosophy in a world where technology and surveillance have taken control of us all.

The fundamental concept behind OffshoreCorpTalk is that we pay homage to liberalism. We hold to a belief in the right of humans to live freely in a capitalist world. We must not be judged for our right to be curious and interested in our own well-being.

At no time do we advocate for illegal activities or anything else that could harm the rights of others. The purpose of the forum should be to host discussions about the optimal conditions for running a business, either online or offline, in the 21st century.

As John Locke would have said, “The labor of [a person’s] body and the work of his hands, we may say, are properly his.”
"Every man,” Locke said, “has property in his own person.”
That is our goal. That is our mantra.
Let it be a call to the followers of John Locke and true liberalism.

We are OffshoreCorpTalk.com.
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