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A Guide To Hong Kong Banks


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Thank you all for advice. It went smooth with Bank of China. KYC was too much long thou, they asked one month bank statement from my US account. Is it common or since I’m first time client this is why they added this requirement?
If you are from US, I would even say that you were lucky that they only asked you for that.


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any body has tried neat ? any suggestions ? any feed back?
There are a lot of threads about neat already on this forum:

You may want to use Google to search the forum if you can't find it with the internal search function fo the forum. There are even many more.


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any body has tried neat ? any suggestions ? any feed back?
Using neat, they use DBS as their banking facility for HKD and USD. Before they were using Standard Chartered.
there will be a new pricing from march 2020.

it was easy to open several years ago, but now they are also doing KYC for new and old clients.

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I have a payment that must go through banks. Receiving party is not flexible. I’m looking for a bank with the lowest transfer fees if possible.
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