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A scammers adventure.

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Apr 22, 2022
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Last week a post is made in this forum, this turd burglar asking to buy crypto by paying through a bank transfer because his bank doesn't allow crypto related transactions. I reply, thinking I can charge a small fee, make some extra money (yes, I am greedy). At this point in time there's no red flags, my own bank does not allow crypto related transactions so it's normal for his bank to be a bitch is what I was thinking.

First post of his gets deleted, admins wanting to protect users from scammers did the right thing by deleting it, however, I still was interested in dealing with this anon who had trouble spending his own money. He comes back, makes another post, I reply, he leaves his Telegram username, I hit him up. This is when the first red flag is erected so I start screen recording everything, for someone who wants to spend 100k+ on buying crypto he had no sense of danger, I could be a scammer for all he knows, after some back and forth we agree on a 40k first time transfer if the following conditions are met:

1. He proves he owns the back account money will be sent from.
2. He waits for up to 8 days for the payment to clear.

He agrees. Sends me his passport and a screen recording of him owning the bank account and he gets on a call with me showing his face and a sobbing story bla bla bla. I did not ask for all that detailed info, a screenshot would be enough, as a matter of fact I wouldn't even want that screenshot but he was from an Asian country I personally consider risky. Now, second red flag is erected because he is too comfy with sending his passport to an anon he has been talking with for like 2-3 hours. Because I have recorded and documented everything, I just brush it off. Let's do the deal now, I don't have time all day.

I send him bank information, couple hours later he sends the SWIFT wire transfer paper pic and the usual paper issued by the bank itself. All good, until he comes back to his post and plays the victim saying I am not replying (he is 6 timezones forward, I was sleeping or eating boobs who knows) bla bla bla. I'll come back to this later.

On Thursday I'm on a plane to a country 6 timezones forward.

Yesterday the branch manager (of my bank) I always deal with calls me, says there's an incoming transfer which has been marked as high risk or scam or whatever and that I need to visit the branch to provide more information about the why, when, how and whatever. That turd burglar had went back to the bank telling them to cancel the transfer because it was a scam rof/%. Unfortunately for him he made the transfer minutes before bank close so he had to go the other day. Now, my bank is a bitch when it comes to crypto but they are very helpful and understanding, to top that all off the woman are hot af. I let her know that I'm in ****** but I explain the why, when, how and whatever and offer to send proof to which she says she would like to have.

I e-mail everything, she contacts again later saying that whatever I sent is good enough for her and that that info will be shared with the senders bank bla bla bla. The money has been credited to my account but is currently frozen.

I still haven't been contacted by the hottie but I am 100% sure that money will be unfrozen. I do not know why that idiots bank did not try and cancel the transfer before it hit my bank, don't know what happened there.

Back to that part where he comes back playing the victim, he made that to indirectly manipulate me into thinking he's legit and scared.

So at this point in time, I have 40k frozen USD in my bank account, the turd burglar has failed to scam me and the best of this all? I haven't sent any crypto to this idiot who has been sending an average of 412 messages an hour. Will I send the money? That is to be decided by 2 factors:

1. Will they unfreeze the money and tell the senders bank to f**k off?
2. Will I like the Asian (first time btw) pussy tonight?

If those 2 conditions are met he will get his money back, if not, well, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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This idiot has been banned. He did a crypto transaction knowing his bank does not allow crypto and then comes up with BS story about how funds are now frozen by his bank blah blah blah and he has made his exit with funds. I told you guys. OP will be banned also as I cannot believe anyone is that stupid and both are up to some nonsense. They can work out there issues together on Telegram or whatever they used to transact.

I stand by what I said below ns2:

Thread closed.
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