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Accuracy of the website ecovis and royalty income

Hi, I'm wondering about the accuracy of ecovis, especially the royalty income section.

There's a couple of countries that I'm interested. Czechia Czech Republic - ECOVIS International It says:
Generally 15% for recipients resident in other member states of the European Union, the European Economic Area or in countries with which the Czech Republic has concluded a tax agreement.
For any other recipients, the rate is generally 35%.

The royalty income will come from the US, and there's a tax treaty between Czechia and the US, so according to this it will be 15 percent regardless of amount? Anyone from Czechia that knows more?

Cyprus: Cyprus - ECOVIS International
10%For IP rights used in Cyprus. Treaty rates may be as low as 0%

Anyone from Cyprus who can confirm if this is true? And if so, do I need to go the non-dom route?

Bulgaria: Bulgaria - ECOVIS International
There is a tax exemption when the beneficial owner of the income is a non-resident legal person of a Member State of the European Union and is a related party with the payee of the income.
Double tax treaty conventions with many countries provide relief from this tax.

Bulgaria sounds interesting to me, but the first sentence makes me scratch my head. I really don't understand what that's supposed to mean.

Greece: Greece - ECOVIS International

I have a feeling some of them might be a bit too good to be true and that there might be some hidden contribution fees. I'm also interested in Portugal, but there was no tax guide there. I'm not sure if this is the right place in the forum. Mod might move it elsewhere if that's the case.
Yes, this is the right place in the forum :)
I am not a tax expert but Ecovis is good in general (and not overpriced, I think). If I were you, I'd probably asked them for the explanation what they are posting at their webpages...:)
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