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Hello all !
This forum is a gold mine :) But I don't find a perfect solution to my problem.
I'm a newbie and a young european resident(<30). I'm looking for a solution to withdraw my adsense and others advertising revenues avoiding taxes. Today, I earn between 3-5k euros per month.
The revenue are generated in Europe.

Do you have a solution to advise me to avoid taxes ? I would like a prepaid card (with dedicated IBAN) or something like that to avoid aeoi or crs.

I already contacted Euro Pacific Bank, I'm waiting an answer soon. I also looked for an EMI but the majority have an AEOI juridiction ... Maybe a LLC in Wyoming with a bank account in a non AEOI country like Armenia ?

Sorry for the bad english,

Thanks !

Martin Everson

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If you are an EU resident google will be processing your payments via google Ireland. Did google not ask you to enter tax information already in your adsense account? If not then you are lucky otherwise there is no point doing anything now.


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Hi Martin,

I finally found a solution to receive my adsense revenue anonymously and legally in another country non AEOI.

Thanks !