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Adwords Alternatives

It depends on the type of traffic you need. If you desire a high quality targeted traffic you can stay with adsense even though it might be frustrating. And if you desire the medium and low quality ones there are tons of sites such as adbrite, bidvertiser etc, which are good to some extent.
jamesb said:
I have been using Adwords for some time now to drive potential customers to my sites however it is getting really expensive. Does anyone know of any good Adwords alternatives?
If I had understood you in the right way and you are speaking about the Google Adwords then it may be interesting for you to look at such programs as speedy ads. It works well in my opinion.
I have thought about advertising with Adbrite but it seems that they deliver very poor quality visitors from sites such as proxys. Has anyone actually advertised with Adbrite in the past?
Are you selling product? If yes, may be it's better if you promote your product via affiliate network. You can choose pay per sale program, so you'll only need to pay when your affiliate generate sales. I think this kind of advertising is best for advertiser (not for publisher though, because certainly it's more difficult) hope this help :)

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