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I do not trust Paypal with my credit card, full stop! No matter what they try they will never get my credit card! Let them beg scheme what have you, PayPal is on the black list and if ever become super powerful I will crucify any person who ever worked for PaySatan.

The problem is that they told me I do not need a credit card to use paypal and for a while everything worked fine. But now they say that they NEED my Credit Card to verify my Location! If I don't give the my credit card number they will keep account blocked! SO THAT IS BAIT and SWITCH AT PAYPAL!

Secondly their justification for wanting my credit card number is Stupid. How can my credit card number help them verify my location?

Thrdly what is the point of Paypal if I have to give them my credit card? I can use my credit card online as much as I want by myself.

I will look for alternative to PaySatan. If you know any good ones please let me know. PaySatan will be out of my life for good.
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People are so afraid of paypal.... I have had my paypal account for years now and also add my credit card very early and nothing bad to say about it, paypal works for me without any problems.


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Paypal works great for me I have my bank account and credit card linked...they want to verify your credit card to verify that it is your credit card and I believe they will be able to see where it is registered...but yeah I don't know I prefer paypal over any other processor and I trust them.


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If you are not interested in using credit cards to get verified in PayPal, you can use VCC option in you bank account to get a VCC credit card valuable for a week, once you get verified you can draw money to your account instead to your card, it is very simple.

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