Am I in danger?

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    First, thank you to all members of this forum, I am new here, it is my first publication but I follow for months.

    Sorry for any English error.

    I will explain my situation.
    I work with a sales site. I'm Brazilian, for now I live in Brazil, but in the next few months I'll be a digital nomad and I'll ask for the declaration of definitive departure from the country. I will no longer be forced to declare for the IRS of my country. I have an LLC Delaware. The payment gateways officially sell in my company's name. But I get the sales money through Ecopayz (EMI), which is in my own name. I transfer the money from Ecopayz to Payoneer (which is in my own name) through Skrill. In other words, the money ends up on the Payoneer.

    I started last year. I don't tax my country's IRS. They don't know (or I imagine they don't) about the existence of my LLC and the profits from my sales. I would like to know if I am taking risks in this scheme that I am doing. If there are any of these services that automatically report information to the IRS. I would like to know what I can do to protect myself better.

    Thanks to everyone who can give an opinion
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    Not much risk unless of high revenue. I'd just recommend to establish new tax residency somewhere that does not have any income tax. A second-best option is residency in a territorial taxation regime country that doesn't care about foreign-earned income, but obviously, having no obligations to file any tax paperwork would be ideal. Paraguay is an interesting country for option B, it's a stone throw away from your home.
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    Thank you for your answer
    Digital nomads have no tax residency and obligation to pay taxes for a country, as far as I know, if anyone disagrees, can correct me. The amounts are currently around 50K, but should increase over time, would ideally migrate to an offshore bank?
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    This is a temporary privilege you can enjoy. A number of tests are in place which differ from country to country. There's also the fallback OECD framework for determining residency.

    If you fail to establish a new tax residency somewhere and provide evidence as needed, OECD gives tax rights to the country of passport issue. This is effectively allowing residence-based taxation countries to do what USA does - tax based on citizenship.

    As for now, nobody is aggressively practicing this right, but this may change in the future.
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    how would this work in real live? can you explain in a few steps?
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    Using that logic ... every damn person on this planet could be a digital nomad :D

    Where do you live? Do you live in Brazil for more than 6 months a year?