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An anonymous letter to a company to report an employee who is having an affair with o


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Jan 28, 2009
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I intend to write an anonymous to a company of my ex who had affairs with men in her company so that she gets the sack. Is there any legal implication if I do so. I want to teach the slut who cheated on me from time and time again.
Unless you have proof or she admits it you could be charged for slander. If she actually does get fired she can sue you for lost wages as well.

The only way she would "get the sack" is if it against company policy for employees to date or be romantically linked. Otherwise it no ones business - not even yours.

I am sorry that she hurt you. Be a better person and let it go. It sounds like she is more then capable of causing her own problems
If the company policies says that no co-employees should not date and have a relationship with each other then you can with enough proof but otherwise it's too bad for you and I feel sorry for it. Let karma do the work.

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