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An EMI to transfer money to Montenegro


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Jun 19, 2024
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I am non-EU non-US citizen,
I sold my property via cash and want to buy a land in Montenegro, price is 300K EUR. But i dont want to use local banks for private reasons.

I have SoF like bank statements that have 5-6K EUR monthly deposits, property sales agreement, finalized property sale receipt.
Will convert cash to crypto at OTC.
Which EMI can onboard me so that i can deposit crypto and SWIFT it fiat to Montenegro so that i can acquire the land (the receiver will be business account)?

Ofcourse i should have a dedicated IBAN

(Wise and Revolut doesnt accept my country)
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If neither Wise nor Revolut accepts your country (BTW, no harm as these are not suitable for such an operation), then you are probably from some country that is at least slightly problematic (from the banks' perspective).
Hence, unless your share the country name, do not expect much valuable advice. Conditions for different countries differ.