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Any possible ways to open anonymous offshore bank account longer?

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Depending what you understand under "anonymous ".

From a friend who all time need such anonymous solutions, I see that he actually mostly work with EMI accounts verified by people from a country in south asia. So far he is happy, but who knows what the future brings.

What's wrong with Banks in South eastern europe? You can get there a full anonymous way too, but in most cases it don't make much sense.


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>> You can't setup anonymous accounts in Europe! Only if you use homeless people ...

depends what someone understand under "anonymous". If the target is to have a account under other identity, this is possible but yes this is risky if is done bad. To use homeless people for this works in a Hollywood-Movie but in Real life I don't think.
In most cases anyway a account on own name in a non AEOI country is enough.

>> ... or darks from deep web it may work but risky!

I don't know any Bank in Europe where you can do this with photoshopped docs from <<snippet>> and similiar services


Its possible to open private bank account in Montenegro.
Its not anonymous but Montenegro is not a part of CRS and AEOI.

I'm aware of European countries not participating in CRS and Montenegro is probably the best choice - which says enough about the deep shit we are in... :)
When I was asking about anonymous account I meant truly anonymous (no name) which is probably science fiction nowadays.

Also I opened anonymous account in one Malta entity: the account is on name of company officially but in reality its you.

This must have been some time ago - right now Malta banks are ultra cautious and it's very difficult to open even a personal account for someone that works on the island without any side-intentions. My friend was told by his bank representative that his account will be closed if there will be any other incoming transaction except his salary higher than 1000 EUR.

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Anonymous accounts sound nice, but in reality do not excist. Look at the saga of ABLV Pank for what happens with the bank/ emi if the wrong state starts using that institution.

Same as EMI's where you can open accounts with the darks/2eye. AdvCash/Capitalist and others were able to get cards for unverified accounts, we have seen what happened to WaveCrest.

So if your business depends on this type of structure you will have to adapt from time-to-time, as the 'screws' will be thightened. The money you have in such an institution will be lost when they require additional verification for releasing those funds.

Better setup a structure where access to your own money is guaranteed, and pay for the ease of mind for that (taxes). If your business is dark, well enjoy the journey, the finish is near ..


Better setup a structure where access to your own money is guaranteed, and pay for the ease of mind for that (taxes). If your business is dark, well enjoy the journey, the finish is near ..
I agree, but if you use darks from the Deep web it should be impossible for anyone even a bank to see what is going on. It may not be a long term thing but it could be temporary for moving funds from A -> B anonymously!

I don't believe this will ever stop there will always be a open door somewhere, the problem is to find that door!


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If you are using darks regardless where they come from then use a VPN / VPS AND make sure you have the signature available. There is a lot more to consider before using darks. If you don't know what you are into then find someone or a place where you can get help.


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If someone know a new way, please open the door for me to show :) I'm urgently looking for something to transfer money anonymous to!


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If you have a lot of money/assets and generate big regular income, than probably a proper Trust structure is the only way, which of course means engaging a proper legal company for that.

This is not for urgent stuff as it takes time, but once properly setup can be pretty bulletproof.

If its a one off urgent situation as you are, guess there are always human mules, air tickets, airplanes, cash in hand for a fee :)


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I have used darks with 2 EMI's to withdraw and receive money anonymously. It has been working fine for relative small amounts i.e. below 250K per year.


Since the big crash of many of the EMI providers which don't have any card program any longer I have troubles to find a valid anonymous banking option!

Do you know about a possible easy setup for an offshore bank account and that don't require a lot of verification?
I was wondering if you ever got something setup or just forgot about it and moved forward with a different solution?


Yeah the user @auric which isn't active here any longer set it all up. I have send you a PM @kanakke seems you can do something for me.
You want to leave a review maybe?
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