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Any thoughts on GVS Bullion?

It is not anonymous. I never said that.
You will have to show your ID to register, you will have to declare and list every single item if you want to fully insure your stuff (whatever it might be).
There are options were you can do "value insurance" without exactly declaring that it is gold or diamonds or whatever else. But that is a gimmick because at the end it is clear that you insured the amount X in your name.

So what's the advantage of "offline" compared to online purchase + online storage of gold: A higher degree of privacy.
Even though Perth Mint (or any other mint for that purpose) is not a bank, you purchase online with them and let them store your gold. You use the mint as a one-stop-shop without ever having seen your gold.
First of all, I do not trust these online mint sellers (no matter if AU or CH), specifically when they are owned by the government. You data will easily be put into a database and connected with what ever authority.
Second, when you store gold in a duty free warehouse or freezone you have direct access to your physical good, can take it out easily whenever you want.
Third, it is much more difficult for authorities to connect you to a specific warehouse where you store your gold physically than it is for the very same authority to figure out that you purchased gold online at Perth Mint (or any otheronlin seller) and and have it in storage with them.
Fourth, gold is by its very nature an offline item. It has nothing to do with the digital world. Since mankind is already too dependent on online/digital/internet, why would I want to give away the last piece of monetary freedom and submit sheeply to the digital world .... (?)

The only reason to own gold is "freedom" and "independence". If you give that away by puting your gold in online storage and purchase it online, you can just buy a fully regulated gold ETF which is a lot cheaper and safer.
Thanks for your reply.

Several years ago you could store at places like DAS SAFE in Vienna anonymously; no more.

These-days, being able to buy and store gold anonymously somewhere trustworthy is not easy.

The freezone system you describe seems like one of the better options. Probably wise not to put all your eggs in one basket though.

BTW the Perth Mint has a number of investment programs with one of them being an offline program (perhaps it dates back to before internet existed?). It has no online account or login. You buy/sell over the phone. You can view your gold in person if you store in it in allocated. And you can take delivery whether it is stored in allocated, pool allocated or unallocated.

I know people here will say Perth Mint is government owned so don't trust (BTW it is the Western Australian state government that owns it, not the Federal); but given a choice between a government backed Mint or a private business like Bullion Star I choose the Mint. Although, if we're only talking a few ounces I would store at home of course.

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