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Anyone heard of this movie, it needed it's own topic!


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Apr 17, 2009
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If anyone has not heard of it there is a independent movie called Food Inc that has finally started being shown in more places across the country. I saw it last night and dragged some friends out to see it and frankly it was pretty shocking and I feel that everyone should see it either in theaters or find it online(though I haven't been able to).

You will never look at dinner as before

Here are a few trailers.

YouTube - Food Inc. Official 1080p HD Movie Trailer 2009

Monsanto who makes Round Up weed killer and made Agent Orange for the government holds the patent on a genetically modified soy bean and now controls 90% of all soy beans grown in the US. Through scare tactics and lawsuits they have put farmers out of business that don't use their seed. If just 1 of their seeds ends up on your land and grows they can sue you for infringement on their patent.

and before the argument starts this movie has nothing to do with going vegan, not eating meat, or any other hippy bulls**t. Its more about the business behind food and the corporations that control everything we eat.