anyone know if TW does this ....



i want setup new account with transferwise with real uk address , my current country is not eligible for their card program , the reason i want new tw account is rather not so serious (their card is debit card is not in same level as 99% of prepaid cards from other emi's . but that can help me jump some hops while doing business online )

so im gonna create uk account with same passport i used for old account but different utility bill , so my question do you doubt that tw does look into their user database before verifying new account to make sure customer don't use same documents from another location?

i don't use transferwise everyday just once a month on average .


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I have created accounts with TW for several different companies in different countries. I told them what I was going to do and they were fine with it. For the country where they support a card they send the card and for the rest they just told me I have to wait until they support the country.

You could create a new e-mail address and ask them, so they can't connect your identity with your current account, just explain them what it is you want to do. You want to modify your story with the utility bill, tell them you just moved to another country.

This exercise should be good to work together with them to sort it out rather against them.

If you don't want to do this, then just create the new account with the new utility bill and tell them you moved to that particular country.


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Keep communication with TransferWise and as the admin says speak with them!

Otherwise be aware: Multiple accounts in TransferWise is against their terms normally and they will block and close all your accounts if you do so without communication with them.