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  1. kolagin

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    Do you know what documents are required to get good asset protection with an Seychelles / Cyprus offshore company setup?
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  2. vitomerchant

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    Some of the best asset protection structures I have seen was one drawn down in a PDF document which I can't access any more. It covered everything you need to consider from company formation to foundation to trust.
  3. fireserve

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    One of the best models I have seen during my time is the Fund -> Trust -> Trading company setup which is a very expensive but effective solution even today after all!
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    What a good written article. It covers every basic information and needs of every entrepreneur out there. Good job admin
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    As far as I remember from the past membership I had for the mentor group you have put a lot useful information in these forums right @Admin ?
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  7. mert

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    yeah there is much more to it in the mentor group :)
  8. Admin

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    No lame question. But when you are located in Europe and you want to have something that protects your privacy but also looks legit towards everyone that come in contact with your company then Cyprus is the most legit offshore company you can look at! Still it provides some fantastic privacy and tax benefits.
  9. Admin

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    Yes everything is in there.. you can even find drawings that show you exactly how to do this the correct way. It's still up to date and working.
  10. happyjohn

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    There have been several replies already to this. You need at least a copy of passport and utility bill in English. If you don't have the English utility bill you need to get it translated and notarized!
  11. khan

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    My story explains a little about how good you are protected when you setup a Seychelles Holding Company owning the shares of a Cyprus company and use a Cyprus bank account to receive the money from your customers while you pay your creditors and lenders from a local account.

    For approximately 3 years I gone broke, total broke and walked to one court after the other because there were lots of creditors after me that wanted my money and I was unable to pay my rent for the flat and other expenses that I needed fir living. They accessed my accounts locally and asked me a hundred times if I had any assets or funds somewhere else because then it was the time to tell. I told them no I don't have more, even that I knew that there was a few thousands on my offshore account in the Seychelles holding company.

    So after a while I got started my business again and money start floating in, the creditors still didn't got their money and someone somehow got suspicious and found out that I received money on my Cyprus bank account but could not proof that this account was belonging to me! So to make a long story short, they tried to access the account by court order which they got here in my country but not in Cyprus because there was no fraud or scam going on, and they could not get access to it. I kept telling them this account was not belonging to me (which is the truths because the account belongs to the Cyprus company) so after a while they gave up.

    Hope someone can use this story for something.. it's good to do proper asset protection!
  12. yuseff

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    which bank in cyprus are u using?
  13. khan

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    I use Piraeus Bank in Cyprus for banking.
  14. RamsayB

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    I salute you for being strong despite having problems and difficulty in your life! You're very awesome and I hope your new business will prosper even better than your previous one.
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  15. wonderwilly

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    Do you know if the law you refer to is International law or country specific?
  16. auric

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    You may want to add that VPS Offshore hosting with a windows box may be a good idea for the perfect asset protection setup from company, bank account to hosting and accessing your data.
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  17. lastchance

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    How do you setup your company do you mind to explain please?
  18. redeye

    redeye Corporate Services Mentor Group Sponsor

    The usual documents i.e. passport copy and utility bill most often a bankers reference letter will be good to have by hand.
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  19. redeye

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    Yes, it's indeed, if you are a looking for a reliable provider of such then I recommend to take a look at this thread NL, USA and Canada Windows 2008 server for PayPal & Amazon accounts.
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  20. predator

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    Do you think a Trust in combination with a Foundation is better for simple asset protection than Seychelles Holding company with full nominee services? I have read that it is overkill to setup a Trust and Foundation for small asset protection setups?