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  1. hungryit

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    What exactly does that mean, can you please explain it to me?
  2. maxmoney

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    I would use fake docs to create my entire offshore company empire and feel goodthu&¤#
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  3. lostman

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    We would like a how to guide if possible or something simple to read and understand to don't get confused please.
  4. lostman

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    You mean the docs from @auric ?
  5. JohnK

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    How would one setup the perfect asset protection entity today in 2017? I would like to read about how this can be done now while it seems that everyone is reporting everyone!!:eek: Is there anything that still can be setup and protect assets in form of property, IP rights etc? or is it all gone?
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  6. Admin

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    You can anytime setup an offshore holding company if that is what you want. Ask an CPA or tax lawyer to help you to draft a contract and transfer pricing agreement between your current entities and the holding.
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  7. Montecristo

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    John, the rule of assets protection is to own nothing but control everything. For me, I need to classify the assets into two categories. Hard physical assets and cash. I will use a foundation to keep as many things as possible and name a BVI as the beneficiary of the foundation.

    As for cash, the problem will arise when we place it into the banking system and none of us can bypass the KYC process. However, if possible, I will keep as much cash as possible in bitcoin. Although it is an open ledger system backed by blockchain, it can provide a better privacy protection than normal banks. The only downside is bitcoin can be quite volatile in terms of pricing. It is not easy to launder money nowadays but it is possible to launder bitcoin and it is possible to get an anonymous bitcoin account to provide further protection. Basically, this will shift the most liquid asset to the underground.
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  8. JohnK

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    Thank you very much, that was very helpful! I have considered to convert my money into Bitcoins. I have a secret account with euros, my banker told me I have to move the money out of the bank before end of 2017 if I want to avoid to get reported. So I need to find a home for this money!
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  9. Montecristo

    Montecristo Active Member Entrepreneur

    Check this out Anoncoin | privacy-centric currency
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  10. JohnK

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    Thank you great link. Is that bitcoin or other cryptocurrency ? Would you suggest to open a private or corporate account with them? sorry for all the questions..
  11. Montecristo

    Montecristo Active Member Entrepreneur

    another form of cyptocurrency. This link came to me from a friend. For now, start with Bitcoin. But it can be volatile.
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  12. auric

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    What do you think about this currency is it worth to use or better stay with bitcoins? just curios :)
  13. JohnK

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    okay thank you will look into it.
  14. Montecristo

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    How many of us would think that bitcoin will worth so much in 2017 when it was launched less than 10 years ago? None of us. If we understand bitcoin, we have to understand a few more things. The technology behind it is blockchain and every 10 mins, the world will have 1 more new bitcoin. The rise of blockchain has made it almost impossible to be hacked unless the hackers know the location of all the bitcoin server and hack it simultaneously. There are some people who will do bitcoin mining that this gave birth to a new bitcoin every 10 mins. There is a limitation to the number of bitcoin but it will only reach its limitation after 2140 if I remember the year correctly. By then, the estimated number of bitcoin in circulation will be capped at 21m bitcoin.

    In any case, anything that has a limitation will have a value. Same thing like gold, diamonds and antiques the value is high because of scarcity. If there is a new cryptocurrency that has a limitation in quantity, secure enough to be hacked (blockchain) and provide anonymity, it is a good cryptocurrency.

    Over the last few weeks, if you look at bitcoin, it is surprisingly sensitive to activities in China instead of US. When China government went after the bitcoin exchanges, the price crashed. Just imagine this, China government is trying to regulate bitcoin but has not looked at other cryptocurrencies. Maybe it is good to buy the laggard cryptocurrencies just like the way we buy shares.
  15. lostguy

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    Do you able to simple list the basic we would need to get 90% of assets protected the right way. I'm most scared about lenders to my company!
  16. bountymounty

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    Would you say that the perfect and 100% anonymous asset protection is done best with dark docs and Seychelles corp or still setup something bigger with real name?
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  17. auric

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    If you ask me yes and without a real bank account!!
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  18. larry88

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    Agree, volatility aside Bitcoin is great it is basically a numbered pseudo-anonymous account. Cashing out Bitcoin for cash is not too hard between in-person transactions or the ATMs these days. Purchasing it is even easier.

    What do you suggest if someone wanted to do the following (to diversify) with the appropriate offshore structures for ultimate asset protection, assume the budget of the structures is not an issue "best of the best only". No dark docs etc.. Can't put the assets at risk.

    1- Bitcoin -> Real world asset, example: Real Estate in a Offshore friendly country? (Caribbean)

    2- Bitcoin -> Exchanged into USD/EU and held
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  19. belarus

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    You can simply use darks (which I noted you don't want to use) or find a trust service that handle all transactions on behalf of you and only your instructions, that may be costly but safe!
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  20. bountymounty

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    You can setup a Trust which is aprox 3K Euro and let the Trust manage a IBC with EMI account that could work if setup correctly. Only problem is the total costs of such a setup including the ongoing costs.
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