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asset protection with my offshore company how?


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Feb 6, 2009
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Just wondering how I can make sure that my asset protection is guaranteed with my offshore company?

A search on google gave lot's of results, I was reading that with an incorporation in an offshore country you will have 100% asset protection, but who is giving this guarantees.... :confused:
No one can give you guarantees in regards to the assets protection a offshore company will give you.

However, the protection comes with the jurisdiction of your choice for the incorporation, means many offshore jurisdictions like Cyprus, Seychelles, Belize and BVI offers a protection of the beneficial owner and it is very difficult if not impossible for any lawyer or creditor to track down that owner, furthermore it costs a lot of money for any attorney to get a court order and even with the court order it makes things complicated.

I can't go in details here where the protection comes but above gives a general picture of how it works and it do work.
Okay, I just send you an PM it looks like you know something I need to know :0)