Atlantic International Bank


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I had an account there which I used to move funds beyond. I never kept funds in account for long but with the high liquidity ratio requirements of Belize banks I felt they were secure enough. I guess I was wrong and lucky. Hopefully all depositors will get there money in full.

Good luck to all.

Martin Everson

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There's also Scotiabank and National Bank of Belize and that's it I think, the rest are credit unions :(. The entire Belize banking sector is about the size of Bill Gates wallet.

I think its time they cut their own path. The US has not been good to them and scalped another bank. They need new friends instead of trying to get back into US good books.


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I mean banks that can open accounts for IBCs. Scotiabank and National Bank of Belize can't do this.


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Belize is difficult to bank with, just check the threads as @Martin Everson already said. New regulations are coming soon.