Bank account for marshall islands company

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  1. profitbbb

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    Hi everyone

    My company is working on network marketing, mobile application and software. I opened marshall islands because they have an office in my country. I am receiving money from google, advertisement companies.
    I prefer european bank, i see that it is not easy.
    I had a bank account in bulgaria but they don't look good offshore companies anymore.
    Do you know any bank in europe or around the world for marshall islands company?
    Or the system like iaccount, money polo I will be able to use like bank account, but safer than these?

    Thanks for your helps.
  2. 1nomad

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  3. profitbbb

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    thx i will try
  4. negon

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    are they doing remote bank account opening or personal visit is required?
  5. void

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    personal visit necessary
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  6. countryfree

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    Thanks for info. Maybe I could make a quick trip to Prague at the end of the month to find out.
  7. 1nomad

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    email them first, they want some specific documents, I don't remember exactly
  8. countryfree

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    I never use email to get information. I know all too well that people requesting info via email aren't serious and nobody answers them, but it's true I'd like to get more information, if any has it.