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Best alternative to PayPal

PayPal is emperor of all e-wallets and payment processors.All others are not kings,they are just soldiers. It is because in most part of world, paypal has been approved as most trusted by many Central Banks including USA,EUROPE,ASIA,AUSTRALIA etc.It has international branch offices in many countries.At present,there is only one alternative to PayPal, it is ALERTPAY.Although ALERTPAY can't be compared with PayPal ,but it is second best option of all websites to pay and receive funds.
One can use Alertpay as a secondary source to receive funds. But I don't think it can be comparable to Paypal by any chance whether its market reputation or clients and companies using its services.
The only possible competitor I could think of for PayPal is Alertpay. But Alertpay is still not available worldwide and changes its policies frequently. PayPal seems to be the ultimate monopoly in this part of the world.
davidm23 said:
I don't think that there will be a better place than paypal. Till the day I did not find any difficulties with paypal. I always send larger amounts so that no fee too. I didn't ever get fee for any of my transactions. The only minus is the somewhat lower exchange rates..
The best thing with Paypal is that even if you don't have a verified Paypal account, you don't have to worry about your online transaction because it provides a healthy withdrawal limit of $500 which I think ok for you if you are running a small business or offering any kind of services. Besides it provides you all safety features similar to a verified account.
Any alternative to Paypal would probably be a distant second so I'm not sure I would trust anyone else with my money. Paypal has been around long enough to handle any size transaction and provide me with peace of mind.
Same here, there cant just be anything better than paypal, so just stick to paypal and why do you need a change in the first place? All that you hear about paypal will be one in a thousand. Everything has pros and cons but as far as everyone knows, paypal s the best in service compared to rest. Alertpay would do good if u still need a alternative.