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Best book, crypto for dummies, which one to buy?

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Which book or e-book have you learned the most from?

I'm considering a few and one of them is the one below:

Discover the strategies of the top Cryptocurrency investors and start earning today We've all heard of Bitcoin and Altcoin. You want to invest but learning about it takes time and effort - what if I told you there's a simple way? I know... learning about investments, let alone cryptocurrency, seems like a lot to take in... and some of you may think you'll need a background in computers... but in reality, it's pretty simple You can learn everything you need to know easily We take the whole Cryptocurrency craze and put it in a new perspective. We designed an easy-to-learn pacing that teaches you everything you need to know in the shortest time possible. In A Complete Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing, you will learn everything you need to know to start investing your money in cryptocurrencies and start cashing in on this digital currency revolution In A Complete Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing, discoverl: What Cryptocurrency Is and Why we need it Follow easy step-by-step guides and start understanding the differences between the more popular cryptocurrencies in today's market. How to leverage Cryptocurrencies What the top experts are doing Learn investment strategies to take your investing to the next level.

...and much, much more Plus a FREE bonus inside - Bitcoin Profit Secrets by some of the most successful Bitcoin investors Most people overcomplicate cryptocurrency investing - it doesn't have to be Learn the fastest way to earn huge profits from bitcoin without having a computer background, NO investment experience, and no knowledge about Bitcoin Start completely from scratch and end up earning like the pros in the business I want to see you succeed... and I'm giving away all the secrets for you to start cashing in on this huge opportunity It's the best deal ever - I'll show you how to invest and YOU get to keep everything Start learning today


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Best to Learn about Crypto is online forum and News article.
Academic type of book is too hard to understand.
And that Knowledge is not useful in real world application. I attach original Bitcoin white paper It is too hard to understand for non tech people.

I try to learn from here



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I agree, crypto world moves soooooooo fast, the best way is real time internet, twitter, youtube, etc. a great place to start is 99bitcoins.com on youtube.
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