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I run several commercial real estate listing lead generation sites and I am seeking assistance setting up an Anonymous Off-shore LLC to help our company reduce its risk exposure from potential copyright infringement issues.

Before we set up an Off-Shore entity, I would like your "off-the-cuff opinion, which Country would be best to set-up an Anonymous Off-Shore LLC to reduce its risk from any potential copyright infringement exposure. Looking for the most cost effective and best country to set-up with the least communication issues. I am a US citizen.. I also hold EU citizenship through Greece but only speak English and a little Greek and Spanish.

It will be a shell corporation. We will not run any profitability, only expenses through the LLC. We will need a nominee service to keep the LLC Anonymous.


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Your problem is not the company as a nominee service will suffice. It's when they take your domain down and then you lose all that you built in that name.
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