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New member
Hi all,

First time post here. Looking for advice.

Currently I am in the middle of expanding things within a domestic business venture we have.

I am looking for some advice on what is the best options for set up.

Company formation location and also banking.

I am UK based , locally I have discussed this and I have been advised Dubai is a good option.

I thought I would gain some other viewpoints here before setting things up. I was advised an offshore RAK company with banking in Dubai would be suitable.

Let me know your thoughts,



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However you being non-resident in UAE no UAE bank would open you a bank account for RAK IBC. Thus you would have a company that has to get banking (or EMI) relationship somewhere else. But if you open your account in some other CRS compliant jurisdiction then you will get reported to HMRC as explained above.
it contradicts what else we can read here on the forum!

all it requires is a personal visit, VISA and patience!
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