Best offshore region for e-commerce + bank acc


I wanna start e-commerce bussiness and trading going to be with buying and selling online things.

What I need?

1. Annonymous offshore company (prefered outside EU) wanna avoid reporting to my tax auth
2. Bank account or sth for getting money and make some transfers and widhtrdaw money in ATM's in EU with cheapest conversion and spread.
3. Link my bank account to something which give me a new virtual card number for every transaction by card.

Any ideas guys ?

Most important for me is to have new card number for every transaction with my card for security reasons. Multicurrency could be extra as well.

Second thing... withdrawals from my main accout in ATM's in EU. Need something cheap.


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Doing this and still being located inside EU will be costly due to new CFC rules and CRS reporting.
The question is, where are you now and secondly, are you willing to relocate outside of EU ?
I going to be do it online so it doesn't matter where I live cause I gonna be buy and sell online things (not physical things). What I need is getting pay to offshore company bank account and then buy something and then sell again. From time to time I would neet to withdraw money from EU ATM

Does anyone know ?
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You can't set this up without either to pay tax or to use darks! Today it is almost impossible to find a country where you don't get reported.
Thanks. What does „use darks” mean ? I know there are some tips to set up such a company but it’s not easy. Maybe you could recommend me any lawer or agency who can help me ?